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The Fact Sheet

NROC - National Roller Cup

Dec. 12, 2007

(Note: Some details may change as the series develops.)

What is NROC

NROC is a race series that will rank skaters and teams over the course of the U.S. outdoor inline skating season. It will also provide a way for skaters of all levels to chart their individual progress.

To meet these objectives, two different ranking systems are being developed for NROC.

The Point System

The point system will rank pro skaters and teams. It will be based on race placement with the largest number of points awarded to the top finishers. Points will be cumulative. Skaters and teams with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned the NROC national champions.

The Performance System

The performance system ("NROC Prime Plus") will provide all race participants with a way to rate their performance in individual races as well as over the course of the season. All skaters will earn a performance score for each race based on their time as compared to the "prime time," a theoretical peak time. Performance scores will be averaged over the series to determine NROC leaders in various age categories.

NROC rankings and performance scores will be updated after each event and posted on the Inline Planet. Awards will be presented to top skaters and teams at the end of the NROC season.


NROC will be made up of a series of inline marathons and other skate races in the United States. Events will be required to meet minimum standards, such as chip timing and liability insurance.

Number of Events

The series will be limited to six to eight events in the first year (2008). Other events will be added in subsequent years.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidate events will be evaluated on a number of criteria, including:

  • Size
  • Time of year in relation to other NROC events
  • Geographic location (NROC will strive for a wide distribution of events)
  • Course safety
  • Size of purse

Event Classes

NROC events will be categorized and scored in two classes:

  • Standard - under 1000 skaters
  • Mega - 1000 skaters or more

Double points will be awarded at the Megas.

Maximum Races Counted

To allow for "off days" for athletes and to lower the expense of participating in the series, only the top four or five results (depending on the number of events) will be counted toward the final NROC standings.


  • The Inline Planet will provide complete coverage of the NROC race series. It will also maintain and post NROC results.
  • The logos of participating events will be featured as part of an NROC banner on the front page of the Inline Planet.
  • The Inline Planet will post preview stories about each event and race stories after each event.


  • Standard events: $500
  • Megas: $1500

(Note: Fees will be paid by participating events.)


Organizers who would like to be part of the NROC race series should contact the Inline Planet by Dec. 24, 2007. (email: info@inlineplanet.com)


Event organizers will:

  • provide the NROC record keeper with prompt access to race results, including identifying information to assure accuracy of skater IDs.
  • display the NROC logo on their web site with a link to the main NROC web page
  • display the NROC banner at their events
  • add NROC/Inline Planet to its liability waiver (whenever possible)
  • share event media, including photos and video

NROC Fact Sheet in PDF format




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