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Aug. 16, 2011

Product Review

Bont's Bearing Cleaner

A high speed motor makes this a power tool for cleaner bearings.

July 12, 2007
MPC VT Road Wheels
Are they the best wheels in the world ... or just the most expensive?

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June 13, 2007
Star Grip Big Wheels
Other wheel makers have snatched all the glory lately, but Star Grip continues to make one of the top wheels in the world.
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May 16, 2007
Gyro Rolls In With a Winner
Its new Mercury F1 road wheels provide great performance and a great price.

May 2. 2007
Matter's Speedy Road Demons

Fast and responsive, Juice F1 wheels provide top performance for demanding skaters.

April 18, 2007
Rolling With the Best of Them
Tru-Rev's Titan and Uranus wheels prove to be among the best of the rich new crop of outdoor wheels.

March 14, 2007
PC-Vane's Leg Savers
The innovative Booster outdoor wheels could give you a new personal best, but they're not for everyone.

March 7, 2007
Matter's Indoor Roll Monsters
Matter G-Shock wheels provide indoor skaters with plenty of speed — along with the confidence to use it.

Nov. 8, 2006
2005 Northshore DVD
Race & Roll's event DVD may be a little late, but it features some excellent video of World Cup racing.

Dec. 8, 2005
Chad Hedrick's Push DVD
Not only do you get to see the 50-time world champ explain his signature technique — the double-push — but you get an introduction to his wacky sense of humor.

April 23, 2005)
Ezeefit's Ankle Booties
The best solution yet for sore feel.... Ah, what a relief it is! Happy feet are back again.


Feb. 22, 2007
A New Road Champ?
Fresh from victory in Colombia, innovator MPC hopes to take the skate world by storm (rain or shine) with its new VT ("Variable Traction") road wheels.

Feb. 1, 2007
Bont Refines the 3-Point
2007 Bont Vaypor
The Australian skate maker has given its innovative 3-point skates a makeover. The new models are sleeker and lighter — and there's even a budget version.

Sept. 15, 2006
New Calendar for Inline World
You've seen her photos on the Inline Planet. Now you can have them on your wall! It's Darlene Prois' 2007 Inline Skating Calendar.

Sept. 14, 2006
Liberty's New 110mm Hybrid
Liberty Sports' new Ion Avenger frame takes 100mm wheels in front and 110mm monsters in back. Here's a sneak peek at the new frames.

Aug. 17, 2006
Anorexic S-frame Goes on a Diet
Bont's new 3-point racing frame was already the lightest on the market. Now it's half the weight of the competition.

Aug. 8, 2006
Matter's New Big Wheel
Matter plans to release a 110mm wheel that it says will be "significantly lighter" than the competition's.

Aug. 2, 2005
Garmin Forerunner: Made for Runners, Great for Skaters
Contributing writer Travis Brown says that though this GPS device was designed for runners, it's great for skaters, too.

Fitness Product Reviews and Previews


May 23, 2007
Rollerblade Activa II 90
These women's skates provide some premium features, but speed isn't one of them.

April 25, 2007
Wing 50s Deliver Big Time Girly Fun
New Rollerblade women's skates provide comfort, style and performance at a bargain price.

March 21, 2007
A Slick New Blister Buster
Engo's new approach to blister prevention proves a worthy tool in the battle for happy feet.

Feb. 28, 2007
GPS That Rocks and Rolls
The Adeo Fitness Trainer is described as the first GPS that talks to you. ... We found it to be the best one so far for skaters.

March 21, 2006
Rollerblade's 4Ds: Flexible and Fast
Rollerblade's new Crossfire 4D and Activa 4D models feature an adjustable length frame ... fast but a little heavy.

March 3, 2006
Rollerblade's New Crossfire 90
thumbnail of the Rollerblade Crossfire 90
The 2006 Rollerblade Crossfire 90s are comfortable, well balanced and fast.


June 8, 2007
The New Rec Skate?
Does Bont's first-ever rec skate for adults represent the shape of skates to come?

Planet story

April 12, 2007
Skate Shoe: Heelys for Grown Ups
Former aggressive skater Rainer Mairoes' invention takes the Heelys concept to a new level.

Jan 31, 2007
Quads on Steroids
New Zealand skate maker Skorpion is hoping to make a big splash with its new 100mm Quadline, which it describes as the perfect commuter skate.

Dec. 27, 2006
Shoulder Your Gizmos!
Is a growing stash of digital toys stretching the limits of your skate jersey? ... Maybe it's time for the sportHolster by UrbanTool.

Dec. 12, 2006
You Look Marvelous!
Not sure what to get that skater on your list? ... Buy them an Asso jersey and you may have a hard time letting go!

Oct. 24, 2006
Rollerblade Goes Sugarfree
New inexpensive fashion skates will feature designer colors and, on two models, a low-profile frame for improved stability.

Sept. 15, 2006
New Calendar for Inline World
You've seen her photos on the Inline Planet. Now you can have them on your wall! It's Darlene Prois' 2007 Inline Skating Calendar.

Aug. 31. 2006
Rollerblade Tweaks the Heel Brake
New brake lets skaters easily adjust the position of their brake pads, up or down, providing a "consistent braking experience."

Aug. 10, 2006
More Photos of the New Rollerblades
Red and black will be the color scheme for the men's Marathon Carbon skates; gold and white for the women's.

Aug. 9, 2006
Rollerblade Unveils New Marathon Skates
New fitness skates for 2007 feature 100mm wheels, carbon shells and more flexible cuff.

July 18, 2006
Bigger Big Wheel Skates From K2
New look, new cuff and bigger big wheels. That's what you'll get with K2's new high-end fitness skate for 2007, the Radical Pro.

July 19, 2006
Soul Slide Meets Fatty
The Front-Man will be the flagship of K2's new line of designer, "skate everything" men's skates.

Are they the best wheels in the world ... or just the most expensive?

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