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Feb. 1, 2007
Bont Refines the 3-Point
2007 Bont Vaypor
The Australian skate maker has given its innovative 3-point skates a makeover. The new models are sleeker and lighter — and there's even a budget version.
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Jan 31, 2007
Quads on Steroids
New Zealand skate maker Skorpion is hoping to make a big splash with its new 100mm Quadline, which it describes as the perfect commuter skate.
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Oct. 24, 2006
Rollerblade Goes Sugarfree
New inexpensive fashion skates will feature designer colors and, on two models, a low-profile frame for improved stability.
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Aug. 10, 2006
More Photos of the New Rollerblades
Red and black will be the color scheme for the men's Marathon Carbon skates; gold and white for the women's.
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Aug. 9, 2006
Rollerblade Unveils New Marathon Skates
New fitness skates for 2007 feature 100mm wheels, carbon shells and more flexible cuff.

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July 18, 2006
Bigger Big Wheel Skates From K2
New look, new cuff and bigger big wheels. That's what you'll get with K2's new high-end fitness skate for 2007, the Radical Pro.
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July 19, 2006
Soul Slide Meets Fatty
The Front-Man will be the flagship of K2's new line of designer, "skate everything" men's skates.
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