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Rollerblade Tweaks the Heel Brake
Adjustable brake promises 'a consistent braking experience'
By Planet staff
posted Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rollerblade's Adjustable Brake

Rollerblade's Adjustable Brake

"The idea is to allow skaters to always have a consistent braking experience." - Nick Skally

Rollerblade is updating its tried-and-true heel brake with a new adjustable model for 2007.

The new brake will allow skaters to keep their pads, which shrink with normal use, at an optimal position above the pavement — neither too close, nor too far away.

This should smooth the sometimes rocky transition skaters experience after installing new brake pads (and finding their pads suddenly much closer to the ground.)

"The idea is to allow skaters to always have a consistent braking experience and great braking power," said Nick Skally, Rollerblade USA's marketing manager.

Clicking a lever on the brake lowers the brake pad to one of three positions.

Rollerblade is offering the adjustable brake on three 2007 models: the Astro 50 (street price: $150), the Wing 50 ($150) and the Spiritblade ($99).

Depending on how skaters like it, the new brake may appear on other models later.

The 2007 model Rollerblades are expected in stores and online in mid-January.

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