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New Race Series for 2008!
Inline Planet launches NROC, the National Roller Cup

By Planet staff
Nov. 21, 2007

Skaters, get ready for some added excitement in 2008 with the arrival of NROC, the National Roller Cup.

NROC will rank skaters based on their performance in participating inline marathons and road races and crown a U.S. national series champion in various categories.

Categories will include pro elite, master, veteran and non-pro.

NROC will also crown national team champions, one each for men and women.

"We need a race series like this to celebrate our sport," said Robert Burnson, publisher of the Inline Planet. "Currently, there is no ranking system that ties together the outdoor racing season. We think that by creating one we will add a whole new layer of excitement to inline racing."

Burnson said he hopes to include seven or eight races in the 2008 NROC schedule and to add more events in subsequent years.

Two of the key stops in the series will be the NorthShore and Saint Paul inline marathons, North America's two largest skate events.

"The idea of a series like this adds unity and increases credibility and exposure for our growing sport," said Mike Cofrin, co-owner of 26point2, the organizer of the Saint Paul Inline Marathon.

The full NROC schedule and rules will be posted on the Inline Planet on Jan. 1. The first race of the series is expected to be in March.

Race organizers who are interested in the series should contact Robert Burnson.




Copyright 2007 by Robert Burnson

NROC will rank skaters in participating marathons and road races and crown a national series champion in various categories.


Photo by Darlene Prois


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