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Should I Lube My Ceramic Bearings?

March 4, 2012




QHi, Bill: Do ceramic bearings need to be lubricated the same as steel bearings? - Best Regards, Abraham from Madison Heights, Michigan.

Ask the Coach!

Hi, Abraham: That’s a straight forward question without a straight forward answer.

Some skaters prefer to run their ceramics dry. But manufacturers recommend against this. They say you need lube to keep the ceramic from wearing down prematurely.

I threw the question to my daughter, world champion Nicole Begg. She has a set of high priced ceramic bearings, which she has used at the World Championships and skating inline marathons.

Her opinion is that lube, while not not absolutely necessary, is a good idea. She says that without lube, her ceramics are “too rowdy,” and that a drop of oil on each — her preference — settles them down.

The bottom line is that lube for ceramic bearings is a matter of personal preference and how long you want your bearings to last.

Cheers, Bill


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