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If You Injure Yourself Inline Skating ...

How to take care of yourself if you are injured

Do You Need To See a Doctor? ... Are you hurt so bad you need to head to emergency or schedule an appointment with a doctor? Or can you take care of this at home? This article will help you decide.

How to Treat "Road Rash," the Most Common Inline Injury ... Road rash is what you get when you're unprotected body parts hit the pavement. ... Used to be you treated it with antiseptics. But no more. These days, doctors say to clean it thoroughly and cover it with one of the new second skin-type bandages.

Tegaderm's the Ticket for Road Rash ... Tegaderm's one of the best dressings to use for road rash. How do I know this? ... Would a web site named dressings.org lie?

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