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Preview: New York 100K and Skate Marathon

Sept. 23, 2011

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A strong field of skaters from North and South America is headed to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park tomorrow for what could be a very soggy New York 100K.

Among the top men will be Il Peloton’s Sergio Almeralla, Adams Inline’s David Sarmiento, Toronto Inline’s Peter Doucet and last year’s winner, Eddy Matzger.

Among the top women will be Adams Inline’s Kara Peterson, K2/Empire’s Karin Gabriel and Asphalt Beach’s Candy Wong, Nadine Currie-Jackson and Jessica Wright.

And then there are the Colombian skaters, five women and seven men, who though not well known outside of Colombia, are likely to content for spots on the podium.

Atom Wheel’s Joey Mantia, currently in first place in the NROC standings, is passing on the event to compete in this weekend’s Berlin Inline Marathon in Germany.

That leaves the way open for Sergio Almeralla to tie Mantia for first place in the NROC open pro rankings.

Mantia, 25, of Ocala, FL, has a perfect score for the season, 500 points, while Ameralla is in third place with 300 points. But if Almeralla finishes first among NROC skaters tomorrow, he would collect 200 points and vault into a tie with Mantia.

One skater who will be trying to prevent that from happening is David Sarmiento, 30, of Sleepyby, MN. Sarmiento is currently in second place but will drop to third if Ameralla wins.

If Sarmiento wins, he could also finish the season with 500 points. But in his case, that won't be enough to tie Mantia.

Under NROC rules, ties are broken by head-to-head matchups and are allowed to stand if there are no head-to-head matchups.

Mantia beat Sarmiento in both of their matchups this year (Chicago and Duluth) while Almarella and Mantia have not raced together.

As for the weather, rain continues to fall in New York tonight and is forecast to be heavy. A flood warning has been issued.

Rain is expected to taper off Saturday with showers ending around noon, which is when the skaters will be finishing the 100K.

The Inline Planet will cover the event with a live blog starting at 8 a.m. EDT. (Post your photos, videos and reports on the Skater Network.)

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