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How Can I Correct Pronation?

June 8, 2011




QHi, Bill: My left skate wants to pronate. How can I correct this? I’ve heard that it helps to center the rear of the frame and position the front of the frame slightly “toe-in,” and if that doesn’t work, to position leather tabs on the outside of the frame to force it into the correct angle? Are those good ideas? - Steve from Tuscola, IL

Ask the Coach!

Hi, Steve: It sounds like you’ve got it pretty much covered. But here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) Always align the back of the frame with the center of the back of your leg.

2) Align the front of your axle so that the front lines up with the gap between the back of your big toe and second toe. To check this, move the tongue out of the way and try and stand a screw driver upright between your toes.

bontwedgiesBont Carbon Wedgies

3) For most skaters, moving the frame is not enough. They also have to insert wedges between their frame mounts and frame to tilt the frame slightly inward.

At one big skate center in Switzerland, the skaters actually install “packers” on virtually every new set of skates.

You can make your own wedges with 1 or 2 millimeters of sandpaper, leather or Coke tabs. Or you can order Bont’s Carbon Wedgies.

Position the wedges on the outside of your skate. And make sure they are secure and can’t slip out. If they do, you will have loose frame bolts and the likelihood that your frame will fall off. Definitely not a good thing.


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