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October 21-27, 2008

Sept. 26, 2008
Skate Tip of the Week
Ultra Marathon Survival Guide
More gels, more friends and more smarts are a few of the things you need to survive ultras like the New York 100K and a2a.

Survival Guide
Skate Tip Archive

Sept. 25, 2008
Ask Bill Begg!
Skating Back-to-Back Events
Coach Begg says you need to listen to your body when competing in two events in a row.

Bill's column
Bill Begg Archive

Sept. 23, 2008
Ask Bill Begg!
How to Buy Skates for Kids
Coach Begg talks about what to look for when buying speed skates for children.

Bill's column
Bill Begg Archive

Sept. 19, 2008
Skate Tip of the Week
Make Your Workouts Work!
Take your skating to a new level by adding structure to your training ... Rob Bell explains.

Rob's Tip
Skate Tip Archive

Sept. 18, 2008
Ask Bill Begg!
What Happened to Mantia?
Coach Begg unravels the mysteries of the 2008 World Championship marathon in Spain.

Bill's column
Bill Begg Archive

Sept. 16, 2008
Event Photos
The 2008 NorthShore
Darlene Prois captures all the color of the NorthShore Inline Marathon.

Darlene's photos
More Event Photos

Sept. 13, 2008
Racing News
Miller, Galeano Triumph on the NorthShore
Thrills, spills, record attempts, mystery skaters, Matzger antics and two new NorthShore champions ... this race had it all!

The Planet story!
More Racing News

Sept. 12, 2008
Meet the Skaters!
We're meeting lots of great people here at the NorthShore Inline Marathon Expo. ... Here's the latest chatter from the DECC.

NorthShore blog

Sept. 11, 2008
Racing News
The NorthShore Blog
Say hello to Robert while you're up in Duluth — and keep up with all the latest NorthShore noise in the NorthShore blog.

At the DECC

Sept. 11, 2008
World Championships
Colombia: On Top Again
Colombia proves itself once again to be the world's top skating nation.
World's Blog

Sept. 9, 2008
World Championships
Mantia Wins Again
USA's Joey Mantia makes it two in a row, winning the 10K points race in Gijon.
Planet story
World's Blog

Sept. 8, 2008
World Championships
Mantia Back on Top
USA's Joey Mantia wins the 20K elimination to claim his first gold medal in Gijon.
World's Blog

Sept. 6, 2008
World Championships
Sayasane Rolls Into Limelight
USA's Sara Sayasane wins two golds; Joey Mantia wins his first medal.
Planet story
World's Blog

Sept. 5, 2008
World Championships
Brittany Sets 2nd World Record
USA's Brittany Bowe sets 500 meter mark but has to settle for bronze; Joey Mantia struggles with flu.
Planet story
Worlds Blog

Sept. 4, 2008
World Championships
Brittany Strikes Gold
USA's Brittany Bowe wins the 300 meters on the first day of the World Championships she nearly missed.
Planet story




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