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photo: Darlene Prois

Sept. 16, 2008
The 2008 NorthShore
Darlene Prois captures all the color of the NorthShore Inline Marathon.
Darlene's photos

May 5, 2008
Flying Feet in Frisco
The 2008 San Francisco Inline Marathon in words and pictures ... photos by Michael Chevedden.
SFIM Gallery

April 2, 2008
Road Rash: The Missing Photos
Here they are (finally!) ... Darlene Prois' photos from the 2007 Texas Road Rash.

Nov. 11, 2007
Tumble in the Sprint
The young German skater
Jannis Chimonidis falls in the final sprint of the Silver Strand Half Marathon. (photo: Glenn Koshi/Bont)
Sprint Photo Sequence

Oct. 31, 2007
Halloween Horrors!
The Horrible Housewife, the Woolly Wonder Woman and more!

Sept. 24, 2007
Northshore, Part 1 and 2
The 2007 Northshore Inline Marathon in words and pictures (photos by Darlene Prois!)
Northshore, Part 1
Northshore, Part 2

Aug. 28, 2007
Event Photos
A Slippery St. Paul
The 2007 Saint Paul Inline Marathon in words and pictures (photos by Darlene Prois!)
More Event Photos

Aug. 16, 2007
Event Photos
'I Left My Skates In San Francisco'
The inaugural San Francisco Inline Marathon in words and pictures (photos by Dan Burger).

Aug. 14, 2007
North Country Challenge
The 2007 Hayward Inline Marathon in words and pictures (photos by Darlene Prois!)

July 26, 2007
Indoor Nationals
A 2007 Indoor Nationals sampler featuring photos by former UPI photog Mark Virtue.

Mark Virtue Profile

July 17, 2007
Napa Valley Inline Marathon
Northern California's classic marathon through the wine country in words and pictures (photos by Darlene Prois!)

June 28, 2007
Badger State Inline Marathon
Sunday's marathon on the misty road course in Wisconsin in words and pictures (by Darlene Prois!)

Badger Gallery

June 26, 2007
Bump and Grind!
The disputed finish of Sunday's Badger State Inline Marathon, as captured by the lens of Darlene Prois.

Final Sequence

June 18, 2007
Big Granite Inline Marathon
The ups and downs of Saturday's race through the North Country in words and pictures (by Darlene Prois!).
Big Granite Photos

June 12, 2007
Photos: Baxter Inline Marathon
Saturday's Baxter Inline Marathon in words and pictures (by Darlene Prois!)


Oct. 30, 2006
Night of the Rolling Dead!
Have you noticed? ... Skaters seem to have a special talent for zanniness when it comes to Halloween.
Go to Halloween gallery.

Sept. 20, 2006
Northshore Inline Marathon
A rain-addled cherry picker marooned Darlene Prois for part of the race. But she still left Duluth with a great collection of photos.
Go to the photos

Aug. 23, 2006
Prois Photos of St. Paul
Darlene Prois shoots great photos wherever the skate world takes her. But on her own turf (St. Paul, Minn.), she takes it to another level.
Go to her photos of the Saint Paul Inline Marathon.

Aug. 15, 2006
Photos of Hayward Marathon
Need we say more: Darlene Prois photos of the inaugural Hayward Inline Marathon in Wisconsin.
Go to Photos.

July 26, 2006
Prois Photos of Hoyt Lakes
That chronicler of the skate world, Darlene Prois, was at it again Sunday. This time she focused her lens on the Hoyt Lakes Half Marathon. As usual, the results are spectacular.

Go to the photos.

June 20, 2006
Prois Photos of Big Granite

warmupthumbPhotographer Darlene Prois was at it again last weekend, this time chronicling the splendor of the Big Granite Inline Marathon in Ashland, Wisc. As usual, the results are stunning.
- Go to photos.

June 6, 2006
Prois Captures Road America
thumbDid you miss Saturday's Road America 20K in Wisconsin? Don't worry about it. Darlene Prois' photos are almost as good as being there.
-Go to photos.

Photos of the Napa Marathon
kissesDownhill legend Dan Burger once again pulled double duty at the Napa Valley Inline Marathon: event photographer and barbecue chef. He did a great job at both.
- Go to his photos.

Photos from Belle Isle
Bont's Glenn Koshi was busy taking pictures during Saturday's Wolverine Inline Marathon in Detroit. Here's a sample of his photos. ... Go to photos.

Photos of the Val d'Europe
The backdrop was Disneyland Resort Paris. The marathon was 40.7 kilometers. The competition was World Cup. ... Here are the photos. (Go to Val d'Europe event photos.) (April 28, 2006)

Darlene Prois Photos of Metrodome Marathon
Taking photos in the artificial light of the Metrodome might prove a challenge for a lesser photographer. But for professional Darlene Prois, the filtered light provided new inspiration — as did the unique format of the Metrodome Inline Marathon's team time trial. (Go to Darlene's photos of the team time trial.) (April 25, 2006)

Photos of the Seoul World Inline Cup
Massive start, cherry trees in bloom, Mad Max at the finish line, and the victorious hawk of Jessica Smith. The organizers sent us a few photos of Sunday's Seoul World Inline Cup. We married them with captions and posted them up. (Go to the Seoul photos.) (April 10, 2006)

Darlene Prois Road Rash Photos!
That brilliant chronicler of the U.S. skate scene is back at it again. (Thank heavens!) Over the weekend, Darlene Prois focused her camera on the action at the Texas Road Rash. The results, as usual, are stunning! (Go to 1st set of photos. Go to 2nd second set. ... Be sure to view the large photos to get the full effect. ... We'll be posting the last set as soon as it's ready.) (March 29, 2006)

Photos of the Texas Road Rash
Bont's Debbie Rice sent us a few photos from Sunday's Road Rash in Round Rock, Texas. We especially liked the one of former World Champion Cheryl Ezzell standing amid the pro men at the starting line. There's something classic about it, although we haven't been able to quite put our finger on it. (Go to photos.) (March 27, 2006)

Pics Tell Tale of Vegas 10,000 Meters
Mark Virtue's photos tell the tale of the women's 10,000 meter race in Las Vegas on Monday. The race featured lots of breakaways, a tight pack and a gutsy performance by surprise winner Nancy Lauritzen of the Tiffany speed skating team of Puyallup, Wash. But we'll let Mark's photos (and our captions) do the talking. (Go to the Planet photo story.) (March 23, 2006)

Tahiti: The Missing Photos
thumbnail of Tahiti
So what does paradise look like? ... Well, Ilene Kummer's version, as revealed in her photos from the Tahiti Aito Inline Challenge, is lush and green and filled with flowers and smiling faces. (Go to Ilene's photos of the Tahiti Aito Inline Challenge.) (March 7, 2006)

Before the Train Wreck ... Pre-Finish Line Photos of the Long Beach Marathon - Skater and amateur photographer Ken Cleaver of San Jose, Calif., stationed himself about a mile in front of the finish line of the Long Beach Marathon. As a result, he captured snapshots of what the race looked like before the chaotic final turn. ... What a difference a mile can make! Here's three of his photos. (Go to the photos.) (Oct. 26, 2005)

The Look of a Winner ... and Other Photos of the Long Beach Marathon! - Most of the photos in the final batch of Darlene Prois' photos of the 2005 Long Beach Inline Marathon are of the finish. Among them is a wonderful shot of Sara Sayasane, the winner of the women's race, grimacing her way to the finish line. The photo speaks volumes about what it takes to win. It also says a lot about the skill and artistry of a wonderful photographer. Thanks, Darlene! (Go to photos.) (Oct. 19, 2005)

More Photos of the Long Beach Marathon - Photographer Darlene Prois filled the Planet mailbox today with another batch of her brilliant photos of the 2005 Long Beach Inline Marathon. Try as we might, we couldn't get them all posted today. So we'll have to post the rest tomorrow. But in the meantime, here's the first bunch of new arrivals. (Go to photos.) (Oct. 18, 2005)

Prois Captures the Action at Long Beach - Fortunately for skaters, professional photographer Darlene Prois was in California over the weekend to watch her husband and daughter compete in the Long Beach Inline Marathon. She shot lots of great pictures. Here's what she's sent us so far. Come back later in the week for more. (Go to the photos.) (Oct. 17, 2005)

Darlene Prois Photos of the Napa Marathon - Better late than never, they say. ... Professional photographer Darlene Prois sent the Planet a batch of beautiful shots of August's Napa Valley Inline Marathon. We've been too busy trying to keep up with current events to post them ... until now. (Go to Darlene Prois' photos of the Napa Marathon.) (Oct. 7, 2005)

More PHotos of the 2005 Northshore - As a photographer, Darlene Prois doesn't only focus her attention on the top skaters. She also aims her lens at the quiet splendors and small dramas of living, as you will see in her second set of photos of the 2005 Northshore Inline Marathon. (Here they are ... and thanks, Darlene!) (Sept. 20, 2005)

Photos of 2005 Northshore Inline Marathon - The Northshore Inline Marathon proved itself to be the top inline event in North America once again this year. It attracted a big crowd (more than twice the size of its nearest rival) and provided a weekend of fun and great racing. ... Once again this year, professional photographer Darlene Prois documented the event in vivid color. (Here's the first installment of her spectacular photos! ... Come back Tuesday for more.) (Sept. 19, 2005)

More Photos of the St. Paul Inline Marathon - Bont's Glenn Koshi had the best seat in the house at last week's St. Paul Inline Marathon: a spot in the official media car that followed the skaters around the racecourse. From this vantage point, Koshi took hundreds of photos, several of which he shared with the Planet. Among the photos are shots of the two unsuccessful breakaways, the women's hard-driving lead pack and the triumphant master men's finish. (Here's they are ... and thanks, Glenn!) (Aug. 29, 2005)

Photos of the Spectacular St. Paul Inline Marathon - Events don't come any better than the St. Paul Inline Marathon. Only in its second year, it's already a big hit with skaters, who admire it for its spectacular racecourse and dead-on professionalism. The throngs Sunday included top inline racers, intrepid fitness and recreational skaters, cheering crowds and an ESPN news team. ... And we've got photos to prove it. (Here's where you will find them!) (Aug. 23, 2005)

Dan Burger Captures the Action at the Napa Inline Marathon - Injured skater Dan Burger may not be racing right now. But he's still actively involved in the Northern California skating community. He was taking photos and cooking burgers at Sunday's Napa Valley Inline Marathon. ... He clearly has an eye for photography. (And the burgers weren't bad, either!) ... He was kind enough to share some of his photos with the Planet. (Here they are! ... And thanks, Dan.) (Aug. 9, 2005)


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