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110mm Wheels OK'd
FIRS ends 100mm limit

By Planet staff
Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2007

Inline racers will now be able to use wheels as large as 110mm at the World Speed Skating Championships.

The speed committee of the international governing body for inline skating agreed to the change during a meeting in Cali, Colombia, in August, said committee president Roberto Marotta.

Previously, the Federation International of Roller Sports (FIRS) had prohibited wheels larger than 100mm.

Most race organizers worldwide had ignored the prohibition. But the 100mm rule was in force at the annual World Championships and at some national qualifying events, including USA's Outdoor Nationals.

This proved a challenge for skaters, who spent much of the year racing on 110mm wheels only to have to switch to 100mm wheels for the late-summer World Championships.

Most U.S. races (both indoor and outdoor) and the World Inline Cup have allowed 110mm wheels since they were introduced several years ago.

FIRS had defended the wheel-size limit, saying it helped level the playing field for less technologically advanced countries, where upgrading equipment to keep up with the latest developments in speed skates proved a financial burden.

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