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Weight Training for Skaters
The Lunge

By Westy Bell

Skater Lifter

The truth can finally be told!

The lunge is another great lift for skaters. It works the quads, glutes and hamstring muscles — in other words, all the most important skating muscles. And it help you develop your balance.

It's easy to learn. You simply lunge forward with one foot and then return to an upright position.

But to make it sports specific, skaters need to change it a little. Instead of coming all the way back up in the starting position, we should only come about half way up. That's because we keep our knees bent when we are skating.

Add lunges to your off-skate training program two or three times a week.


Front lunge - Skaters shouldn't rise to a full standing position.
Photo: ExRx.net

How to do the front lunge:

  1. Stand in the skater's position, knees bent and feet shoulder-width apart
  2. Step forward, landing on the heel first
  3. Lower the body by bending the back knee
  4. Rise up until your knee forms an angle of 135 degrees
  5. Repeat on the opposite leg

As your strength improves, you may want to place an Olympic barbell on your back (or hold a dumbbell in each hand) to increase the lift.


Side lunge
Photo: ExRx.net

How to do the side lunge:

  1. Stand in the skater's position, knees bent with feet shoulder-width apart
  2. Lunge to one side, landing heel first. Keep knee pointed in the same direction as the foot.
  3. Bend knee
  4. Return to skater's position.
  5. Repeat with opposite leg

Rather than use a barbell, add weight by holding a dumbbell in each hand.


westybell1Westy Bell is an ACE certified personal trainer, speed skater, weightlifter and mom. A native of central Pennsylvania and former Air Force meteorologist, she came late to skating, starting at age 27. But she learned fast and became a national champion in 2002 when she and teammate Jane Carey won the classic (over 30) two woman relay at Indoor Nationals. She lives in Asheville, NC, and skates with the Rolling Warriors.

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