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Feb. 2, 2011

Where Should I Land My Skates?

QHi, Bill: I'm still having trouble understanding where exactly to land my wheels when I do the double push. Should I land them:

  • directly under my body on the top edge of my wheels;
  • the outside of my centerline on the inside edge of my wheels; or
  • past the centerline of my body on the outside edge of my wheels?

Also, is this where I should always land my wheels or just when I am double-pushing? - Dennis from California

Hi, Dennis from California: You're not the only one who's asking about this. So let's clear up the confusion right now:

You should land your wheels directly below the shoulder on the corresponding side of your body; in other words, under the right shoulder for the right skate, under the left shoulder for the left skate.

Most top skaters land on the top edge of their wheels (on the seam), though some land on a slight outside edge.

From there, your wheels travel across your center line and to a point under or beyond the opposite shoulder — that is, if you're double-pushing.

In general, you should never land on your inside edges or with your wheels outside the line of the body. Always land your wheels directly under your shoulder. The only exception is when you do an extra pull coming out of a corner and making a tight line for a pass.

And yes, you should always set your skate down under your shoulder, whether or not you are doing the double push.

Cheers, Bill

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