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Dec. 15, 2010

How Can I Prevent Back Pain?

QHi, Bill: After about 30 minutes of skating in the low position, I begin to experience considerable pain in my lower back. Are there any strengthening exercises I can do to reduce this? - Edward from London

Hi, Edward: Are you skating in the correct low position? Knees over toes, hips over ankles and butt down.

That’s my first question. In this position, your back will form an angle of 95 to 105 degrees to the ground. This is the standard position for speed skaters and provides some protection from back pain. So start there.

That being said, even some top skaters — who skate in the low position — experience back pain. In fact, I know of one who took to wearing an elastic support band around his back for both skating and cycling.

Back pain is often the result of weak abdominal muscles. So try devoting a few minutes a day to building your core muscles. It’s easy to do. You can do most of the exercises at home. Just follow these skate tips:

Build Your Core Muscles (with video)

Strenghtening Your Core

Or set up an appointment with a good physical therapist.

And don’t get discouraged. Back pain can be persistent. But it doesn’t have to be.

Cheers, Bill

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