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Southeastway Park Criterium Inline Marathon
Live updates from the racecourse

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By Planet staff
Aug. 8, 2010

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10:20 | Recap: Ty Filder and Nadine Currie Jackson win:

Southeastway Park Inline Marathon results (unofficial)

Inline Marathon


  1. Ty Fidler 1:21:42
  2. Hernan Diaz 1:24:20
  3. Jeffrey Neal 1:27:22
  4. Herb Gayle 1:28:06
  5. Carl Stewart 1:28:06
  6. Steve Larios


  1. Nadine Currie Jackson


full results not yet available

Adams Inline's Ty Fidler took off midway through the Southeastway Park Criterium and lapped the field on the small .6-mile road course.

Asphalt Beach's Nadine Currie Jackson battled mostly herself to claim first place in the women's race.

A small lead pack formed at the start of the race. The course layout and pavement kept the pace relatively slow.

"It was a pretty hard course," said Ty Fider, 28 of St. Louis. "There were a lot of turns and a couple steep uphills. And the pavement was rough. So you couldn't get a lot of roll."

After five laps, a small group of men — Fidler, Simmons' Hernan Diaz, Hoigaard's Herb Gayle and Skaters Quest's Jeffrey Neal — pulled ahead of the pack.

The new leaders stayed together for eight laps before Fidler and Diaz took off.

"Then Hernan and I battled it out for about seven laps," Fidler said. "I was attacking on the hills and he was trying to hang on."

Diaz dropped back on Lap 20.

"Then the rest of the way I skated by myself," Fidler said.

Fidler finished more than two minutes ahead of Diaz, who was second. Jeffrey Neal was third.

The women's winner, Nadine Currie Jackson, said the struggle for her was against pain and fatigue. "It was a grunt-fest," said the 39-year-old from Fredericton, New Brunswick.

"The pavement reminded me of a2a because of the vibration," she said. "My feet felt like they were on fire."

Aside from that, she — along with most of the top skaters in the race — were tired after racing in Saturday's Minnesota Half Marathon and then driving 10 hours to reach the Indy race.

9:25 am | Ty Fidler is nearly a lap ahead of the next skater, despite losing a wheel on his left skate.

He's finished 34 laps and has 10 to go.

Hernan Diaz is second. Then Jeffrey Neal.

8:40 am | Adams Inline's Ty Fidler, Simmons' Hernan Diaz and Skaters Quest's Jeffrey Neal takes turns at the front of the small lead pack.

It's a small field: about 20 skaters.

7:30 am | Race is delayed to correct a chip timing problem.

6:30 am | Scene: Conditions: clear skies, 63 degrees, light wind.









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