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Indy 5 - Inline Marathon in Hummel Park

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By Planet staff
Aug. 28, 2010

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10:20 am | Recap: A loose axle knocked Adams Inline's Ty Fidler out of action in today's inline marathon, setting the stage for Asphalt Beach's Hernan Diaz to claim his first victory in four years.

Planet Adventure, Hummel Park Inline Marathon (unofficial)


  1. Hernan Diaz 1:15:49
  2. Herb Gayle 1:15:52
  3. Cale Carvell 1:16:51
  4. Jeffrey Neal 1:15:52


  1. Elizabeth White 1:18
  2. Margo Carvell
  3. Chris Wright


full results (to come)

"Unbelievable," said Diaz, 50, of Shawnee, Kansas. "I can't believe it. I beat those kids!"

Diaz, a construction contractor, was never far from the front during the 44 laps on a .6-mile loop in Hummel Park.

Fidler, the leader of NROC's open pro division, attacked every lap on the straightaways to surge to the lead.

"But whatever he got on us in the straightaways, I got back on the corners," said Diaz, who, unlike Fidler, has lots of experience training on the tight corners indoors.

But then Fidler, 28, of St. Louis, ran into trouble. His axle holding on his right toe wheel started coming out.

He couldn't fix it and his wheel stopped rolling. So he had to stop, remove the wheel and skate to his car to get a tool. That left the lead to Diaz and Hoigaard's Herb Gayle.

"By the time he got back, we were already a lap and a half ahead of him," Diaz said.

Filder skated with Diaz and Gayle for the rest of the race.

Diaz won the sprint for first, finishing about 15 yards ahead of Gayle.

Team Rainbo's Cale Carvell was third, a minute back. Skaters Quest's Jeffrey Neal finished fourth, despite crashing in a corner near the end of the race.

Women's race

First-time marathoner Elizabeth White, 19, of Fort Wayne, IN, won the women's race, finishing a lap ahead of Team Rainbo's Margo Carvell, who was second. Texas Flyer's Chris Wright was third.

White skated with the men's chase pack for the entire race.

It was the first outdoor race for White, who is a former member of the Roller Dome indoor racing team in Fort Wayne.

She said she was surprised at how much fun she had in today's race. "When you go to the gym, you are always looking at the clock and wondering how much longer you've got," she said. "But I wasn't even looking at the lap counter today. It was so much fun."

10 am | Finish: Hernan Diaz, skating for Asphalt Beach, wins; Hoigaard's Herb Gayle is second; Adams Inline's Ty Fidler is third.

8 am | Scene: It's a sunny morning in Plainfield, Indiana. A little cool: 55 degrees. But warming. With no wind. Good weather for racing.









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