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Eastern Seaboard Series, Stage 4

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By Planet staff
Aug. 21, 2010

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10:59 | Recap: It was a hard fought race for the men, fast from the start and strategic at the end.

Eastern Seaboard Series, Stage 4 (unofficial)

Half Marathon

Pro Men (senior)

  1. Keith Carroll
  2. Justin Mannon
  3. Ben Carey
  4. John Ristine
  5. Luis Moreno

Pro Men (junior)

  1. Johan Moliny
  2. Jonathan Tees
  3. Ben McIntrye
  4. Kevin Carroll
  5. Michael Henry

Pro Women (senior)

  1. Samantha Goetz
  2. Nicole Bischoff
  3. Nicole Hrin
  4. Morgane Echardour
  5. Karin Gabriel

Pro Women (junior)

  1. Kim Goetz
  2. Addison Shepard
  3. Melissa Perry
  4. Abby Bloomer
  5. Amber Hill

Master Men

  1. Brian Oswald
  2. Jeffrey Neal
  3. Knowl Johnson

Master/Veteran Men

  1. Jeff Foster
  2. Herb Gayle
  3. Glenn Corso


full results (to come)

The fast early pace kept breakaways to a minimum as a large lead pack of 25 pro skaters formed. "There were a few breakaways," says Cado Motus' Keith Carroll, the eventual winner. "But no serious threats."

The fast pace continued. The lead pack finished the 12th (of 13) laps in 2 minutes and 23 seconds, which is a pace of about 25 mph.

Speed Skate World's Peter Doucet tried to get away from the pack on the 12th lap and K2/Excel's Francisco Ramirez went with him. "But they never got more than 15 meters ahead of us," said Carroll. And then they were reabsorbed.

By the beginning of the final lap, Doucet tried to get away again but was quickly reeled in.

Then the Excel team went on a breakaway. "We probably caught them with 1000 yards to go," says Carroll, 19, from Westchester, PA.

At that point, Cado Motus' James Springer took the lead and Carroll tucked in behind him, setting up for the finish.

But with a few hundred meters to go, Powerslide's Ben Carey made a strong move that catapulted him to the lead. "He came around with such speed that he got a little gap on us," Carroll says.

"I started sprinting and I caught him with about 100 meters to go and then I finished about five meters in front."

U.S. World Team member Chelsea Creveling skated with the pro men to give herself some extra competition. She wasn't able to stay with the leaders and ended up finishing in about 25th place, said Cado Motus' Kelly Springer.

But she managed to lap the women's lead pack twice. The women started a minute behind the men on the mile-long course.

10:46 am | Women's Finish: Samantha Goetz wins; sister Kim Goetz is second. Then a bunch, including Morgane Echardour, Nicole Bischoff and Abby Bloomer.

10:36 am | Finish: U.S. World Team member Keith Carroll wins the sprint for first; Luigino's Justin Mannon is second; K2/Excel's Luis Moreno, third. Then comes John Ristine and Ben Carey.

"Everyone's within two feet of each other," says Bob Albanese.

10:32 am | Bell lap: Going down the hill on the final lap, Peter Doucet takes the lead. Other men near the front are Francisco Ramirez, Luis Moreno. Nikko Ramkissoon is dropping off the back of the pack. They disappear into the trees.

Women still have three to go.

10:25 am | Four to go: Peter Doucet had a nice lead on the eighth lap. He was about 40 yards ahead of the peloton lead by Justin Mannon.

But then the pack caught up and Francisco Ramirez took the lead. The pace slowed way down. And now Doucet is falling off the back of the peloton.

Chelsea Creveling fell off the back of the lead pack a few minutes earlier.

The women's pack is maintaining a moderate pace one lap back. Sami and Kimi Goetz are at or near the lead. Speed Skate World's Morgane Echardour is also near the front.

10:08 am | Open pros: Speed Skate World's Peter Doucet has the lead after two laps. Just behind him are U.S. World Team member Keith Carroll and his brother, Kevin, an alternate on the junior World Team.

K2/Empire's Francisco Ramirez is a few skaters back in fifth place. Cado Motus' Chris and James Springer are also near the front.

Tucked into the pack is a member of the women's U.S. World Team, Chelsea Creveling. She chose to skate the men's race to help her get ready for the World Championships this fall.

The pro women are also on the course. They started a minute behind the men. They are skating in a pack of about 15.

9:40 am | Jeff Foster wins, finishing 10 meters ahead of Hoigaard's Herb Gayle, closely followed by Glenn Corso. The finish is the reverse of the June 19th 15K, won by Gayle with Foster second.

9:38 am | Glenn Corso is out on a flyer as the lead pack heads into the woods.

9:35 am | One lap to go: Jeff Foster, SOS, is in the lead. He's a sprinter so he's trying to keep the pace slow. Herb Gayle is in second. Lap time was 2:59, 10 seconds slower than the last lap. Each lap is a mile.

9:22 am | Master/vet men: Joe Cusac has the lead at the half way point of the master/vet half marathon. The skaters are on their seventh lap. They've got six to go.

David Dolnick is in second place, followed by Jess Foster, Glenn Corso and Herb Gayle. Nikko Ramkissoon is sitting on the back of the pack of 15 skaters.

8:39 am | Scene: Another beautiful day for racing at the Bob Rodale Cycling and Fitness Park in Trexlertown, PA. "We have sunny, clear skies, no wind and temperatures in the 70s," says Bob Albanese, organizer of the Eastern Seaboard Series.

The recreational skaters just finished their 5K on a flat track. And now the master and veteran skaters are warming up for their half marathon.

Several members of the U.S. World Team are in the crowd, including Keith Carroll and Chelsea Creveling and alternates Ben Carey and Samantha Goetz.

The race is a Class A event in the 2010 National Roller Cup.









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