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Eastern Seaboard Races Join NROC

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By Planet Staff
May 25, 2010

Eastern Seaboard Series skaters

Eastern Seaboard skaters on the loop at Bob Rodale Cyling and Fitness Park.
Photo: Eastern Seaboard Series


Two of the races of the venerable Eastern Seaboard Series are joining the 2010 National Roller Cup as Class A events.

The races are June 19th and Aug. 21st in Trexlertown, PA, which is within easy driving distance of New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

"We're honored to partner with the Eastern Seaboard Series," said Robert Burnson, publisher of the Inline Planet, which organizes the National Roller Cup.

"It's a great race series and a model of how to grow our sport."

The Eastern Seaboard Series draws enthusiastic crowds of both indoor and outdoor skaters. Founded five years ago by SOS Speed coach Bob Albanese, the series offers races for all levels of skaters from recreational to elite.

Each event offers a full morning of skating, usually starting with a 300-meter time trial and ending with a mid-distance event.

At the June 19th and Aug. 21st events, pro NROC skaters will earn Class A points in the 15K; advanced skaters will earn points Class A points in the 10K.

The events will be held on the broad 1.3-mile loop at the Bob Rodale Cycling & Fitness Park in Trexlertown.

The National Roller Cup is a series of inline skate races in the United States and Canada. Skaters compete in three categories (pro, advanced and youth) and multiple age divisions.

Click here for the Eastern Seaboard Series home page.









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