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May Day 10K
Live updates from the racecourse

By Planet staff
May 1, 2010

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May Day 10K men's winners

Left to right: Danny Frederick, Mike Anderson and Matt Mayer

photo: Adam Bradley

12:10 am | Big day for Midwest Skate Club: The Midwest Skate Club dominated the inaugural May Day 10K, taking first and second among the men and first, second and third among the women.

Midwest's Mike Anderson, 44, of Bloomington, MN, took off on a breakaway on the first gradual uphill, a mile and a half from the start.

Adams Inline's Matt Meyer tried to go with him, says Midwest's Danny Frederick. "But he couldn't hold his wheel."

From then on, Anderson skated alone. "I just tried to keep it steady. ... With the wind and cold and hills, it was a pretty hard race."

The chase pack fell further and further behind. Meyer and Sk8Harder's Rick Abrahamson tried to chase Anderson down. But each time they tried, one of the Midwest teammates would go with them to make sure they didn't get away.

Anderson finished a minute and five seconds ahead of the second place skater, his teammate Danny Frederick, who beat Matt Meyer in the sprint.

May Day 10K men's winners

Left to right: Martha Flynn-Kauth, Rayna Meyer and Sarah Oftedahl

photo: Adam Bradley

Midwest's Rayna Meyer, 28, of Blaine, MN, was the first woman across the finish line, followed by her teammates Martha Flynn-Kauth and Sarah Oftedahl.

"The start was super fast up the hill," says Martha Flynn-Kauth. "The three of us tucked in with the big long draft of guys. ... But we started to string out as we got back on the highway (after the turnaround)."

Rayna Meyer tucked in behind big guy Adam Bradley of Adams Inline; Flynn-Kauth got into a group of men that included Matt Larson.

But Oftedahl was unable to hook onto a paceline and fought the wind by herself on the way back.

After crossing the finish line, Flynn-Kauth had nothing but praise for the new event. "It was a super well run race," she said. "No traffic on the course. Nice pavement. A nice uphill at the start, which was good because it spread people out. Of course, I'm saying nice now because the race is over."

10:40 am | Top finishers:


  1. Mike Anderson, Midwest Skate Clup - 17:58
  2. Danny Frederick, Midwest Skate Club - 19:03
  3. Matt Mayer, Adams Inline - 19:05
  4. John Schulte, Cannon Valley Speed - 19:16
  5. Rick Abrahamson, Sk8Harder - 19:25


  1. Rayna Meyer, Midwest Skate Club- 21:51
  2. Martha Flynn-Kauth, Midwest Skate Club - 22:15
  3. Sarah Oftedahl, Midwest Skate Club - 24:18

Top kid

Zach Stoppelmoor, 11, finished 37th. Time: 28:18

10:20 am | Anderson wins: Veteran Mike Anderson, 44, of Bloomington, MN, finishes way ahead.

10:17 am | Anderson on breakaway: "Mike is at least a half mile ahead of the next skater. It's amazing. He doesn't even look like he's working that hard."

"He's rolling away with it."

10:12 am | Anderson on breakaway: "Mike Anderson has broken away," says Tara Alfonsi. "He is way, way ahead.. The guys behind him are tiny little specks right now."

A chase pack of seven or eight skaters is 300 to 400 yards back. Sk8hard's Rick Abrahamson, a NorthShore board director, is leading the chase pack.

The skaters are approaching the water station at the half-way point.

10 am | The start: "We are underway," says race director Tara Alfonsi.

Right after the start, two skaters — one from Adams Inline — broke away and took a big lead.

Freshman skater Zach Stoppelmoor was skating in the lead pack.

A lot of people are taking the event's beach theme to heart. "We've got guite a few people in sarongs, leis and there are a few coconut bras."

9:30 am | Scene in Two Harbors: It's a mild spring day in Two Harbors. "The weather is on our side," says Tara Alfonsi, the NorthShore Inline Marathon's executive director. "It was thunderstorms yesterday, but it cleared up and it's turning into a pretty nice day ... sunny and in the mid-50s."

About 120 skaters are waiting to race along with 50 runners and a handful of walkers. The race starts at 10 a.m.









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