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Brookside Inline Circuit Race
Live updates from the racecourse

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By Planet staff
May 8, 2010

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10:30 am | Fidler and Limke: Ty Fidler outsprinted Brian Limke to score a narrow victory in today's Brookside Circuit Marathon in Indianapolis.

Fidler, 28, of St. Louis, and Limke, 19, of Cincinnati, pulled away from the small pack early in the 19-lap race at Brookside Park.

Skaters Quest's Brian Oswald hung with them for several laps but eventually dropped back, leaving Fidler and Limke to battle for the win.

"Me and Brian (Limke), were together the whole race until it came down to the last sprint, and I edged him out by no more than a foot," said Fidler.

The win was the first for Fidler, a veteran of the NorthShore and Chicagoland inline marathons and the Athens to Atlanta Road Skate.

His time was 1:28:46.

Oswald finished third, more than six minutes back.

Adams Inline's Hernan Diaz, recovering from a collapsed lung, finished fourth.

He said the racers contended with cold winds and rough pavement on the racecourse.

"Every time I felt some pressure or pain in my lung, I had to take it easy," the veteran skater said.

No women skated the race.

After the race, Brian Oswald, 35, of Manassas, VA, quickly returned to his car to start the 750-mile drive to Montreal, where he is registered to skate in Sunday's Marathon Roller.

The revised forecast for Montreal is for snow.

Enroute to Monteal on Saturday morning, Asphalt Beach's Steve Larios quipped, "I brought my rain wheels, but not my snow wheels."

10:30 am | Top finishers: Ty Fidler, 28, of St. Louis won today's Brookside Inline Circuit Race in Indianapolis.

  1. Ty Fidler 1:28:46
  2. Brian Limke 1:28:48
  3. Brian Oswald 1:35:22
  4. Hernan Diaz 1:37:06
  5. Carl Stewart 1:42:31
  6. Thomas Stergar 1:45:13
  7. Derek Mantyla
  8. Bob Harwell
  9. Kent Steubs










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