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How to Prepare for a 10K or Half Marathon
Increase intensity, reduce duration

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By Rob Bell

Skaters in the Cold

Rob Bell on his way to victory in the 2008 Badger Inline Marathon.
Photo: Open2Eye


So you've spent most of your season training for full marathons, but now you're getting ready for something shorter ... let's say a 10K or half marathon (20K).

How do you get ready?

Simple, says Rob Bell, one of the top skaters in the National Roller Cup. Basically, increase your intensity and reduce your duration.

Half marathons and 10Ks are not that much different than full marathons, Bell says. The shorter the race, the faster and steadier the pace. But otherwise, it's the same old ballgame.

To get ready for the shorter events, do some hard-intensity interval training a few times a week, Bell says. You've probably already been doing some interval training (if you have been training for full marathons). So just increase the intensity of the intervals — in other words, skate harder and faster — and reduce the distance. "Do fast intervals and be able to sustain them for 90 seconds."

To up your intensity, "you might want to try getting behind a cyclist or a faster skater," Bell says.

And if you're going to compete in a 10K, get a taste for what it will be like by skating hard and fast for 15 to 20 minutes. "Be sure you can skate full-out for 15 minutes," because that's basically what a 10K is all about.

Currently, Bell is getting ready for the NROC Mid-Distance Championships, Aug. 15 and 16, in Saint Paul. "But I'm still building for the New York 100K (on Sept. 26th), so I'm not going to change my training much. I'm just going to raise my intensity and decrease my duration a little."

July 31, 2009

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Debbie RiceRob Bell is a member of the Simmons Racing team. He is also Category-3 cyclist and a triathlete. (He has competed in the Ironman twice.) The 25-year-old resident of Oklahoma City finished second in the 2008 National Roller Cup (NROC).

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