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Marathon Roller de Montreal
Live updates from the racecourse

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By Robert Burnson
May 17, 2009

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11:10am ... Post-race interview with Peter Doucet:


Click to listen to post-race interview with today's men's winner Peter Doucet

10:50am ... Echardour Wins. Tucked into the men's second chase pack, Morgane Echardour, 20, of Toronto wins the 2009 Marathon Roller de Montreal. Echardour finishes three and a half minutes behind her boyfriend, Peter Doucet, the men's winner.

  1. Morgane Echardour (Speed Skate World) 1:17:56.921
  2. Sarah Hopkins (Il Peloton/Atom Wheels) 1:22:45.120
  3. Sophia Buckaloo (Cado Motus) 1:25:46.957
  4. Addison Shephard (Cado Motus) 1:28:43.934
  5. Edith Bourgault 1:28.46.818

10:33am ... Doucet Wins. Speed Skate World's Peter Doucet, 31, of Mississauga, Ontario maintains his lead in the final lap to win the 2009 Marathon Roller de Montreal by 10 seconds.

Cado Motus' William Bowen outsprints Il Peleton's Sergio Almeralla to take second.

  1. Peter Doucet (Speed Skate World) 1:15:22.88
  2. William Bowen (Cado Motus/MPC) 1:15:32.96
  3. Sergio Almeralla (Il Peloton/Atom Wheels)1:15:33.711
  4. James Springer (Cado Motus/MPC) 1:15:38.859
  5. Benoit Létourneau (Il Peloton/Atom Wheels) 1:15:42.275

10:22am ... Final Lap. Peter Doucet goes on a solo breakaway and finishes the lap with a 15 second lead. Behind him the chase pack of nine skaters Sergio Almeralla, James Springer, Benoit Létourneau, William Bowen and Chris Springer.

More than a minute back is the second chase pack lead by Michael Garvin and containing the first woman, Morgane Echardour.

10:17am ... Lap 8. A group of three skaters had taken a two second lead in front of the pack. The three leaders are Sergio Almeralla, Peter Doucet and William Bowen.

Thirty feet back, the Springer twins, James and Chris, lead the pack.

10:10am ... Half Marathon


  1. Guillaume Alary 43:19
  2. Philippe Clement
  3. Jueau Youri


  1. Marie Eve Leblanc 49:08

10:04am ... Midway. The lead pack has now finished six of 10 laps. Master skater Alex Fedak has taken the lead followed by Cado Motus skaters Chris Springer, William Bowen and James Springer. Next are Benoit Létourneau, Sergio Almeralla and Peter Doucet.

Twenty skaters remain in the lead pack.

The women's race remains the same. But now Sarah Hopkins is 30 seconds behind the lead pack in second place. (We missed her last time she came around.)

9:49am ... Lap 4. Lead pack shrinks to 21. Canadian Marc Belanger regains the lead. Simmons' Alex Fedak, 43, of Oklahoma, moves into second place. Sergio Almeralla of Ottawa moves up to third place.

Next come the Cado Motus skaters: William Bowen and Chris Springer.

Morgane Echardour is now the only woman left in the lead pack. Sarah Hopkins dropped back, leaving Candy Wong to take over second place followed by Cado Motus' Sophia Buckaloo.

Time after four laps is 30:27.

9:40am ... Lap 3. Cado Motus maintains the lead. William Bowen skates at the head of the lead pack. James Springer is right behind him followed by Benoit Létourneau of Ottawa and Marc Belanger, who lead at the end of the first lap.

Four skaters dropped out of the lead pack during the third lap. One of them was Martine Charbonneau, who apparently dropped out of the race.

Morgane Echardour continues to lead the women's race with Sarah Hopkins in second.

9:30am ... Lap 2. Cado Motus/MPC takes over on the second lap. At the turnaround, Chris Springer leads, William Bowen is second, and Chris's twin brother, James, is third.

The time after two laps is 15 minutes and 6 seconds.

Leading the women's race is Morgane Echardour or Toronto, followed by Sarah Hopkins (Il Peloton/Atom Wheels) and Martine Charbonneau (Canariam Empire Speed), who won last year's a2a.

The women are tucked into the large lead pack of 27 skaters.

9:21am ... First Lap. Marc Belanger of Quebec leads the large pack as the skaters make the U-turn at the end of the first lap. Simmon's Alex Fedak is in second; Peter Doucet, third.

It's a large lead pack of 25 to 30. "Because of the wind, it's impossible to breakaway," Philippe Candelier says.

Each lap is 4.3 kilometers, 2.67 miles.

9:10am ... They're off. All three waves. "Everyone is on the track," says organizer Philippe Candelier. "It's really cold."

8:45am: Cold, clear and windy.

Those are the conditions 15 minutes before racetime on the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve racecourse in Montreal.

The sky is clear. The temperature is about 50 degrees (F) (10 C). And the wind is blowing at 18 mph with gusts of 35 mph.

About 200 skaters are waiting at the starting line on the Grand Prix racecourse. Among them: Canadians Peter Doucet, Morgan Williams, Candy Wong, Stephane Trembley and Herb Gayle; and, from the USA, Alex Fedak, Hernan Diaz, and a strong team from Cado Motus/MPC World Alliance, including William Bowen and Chris and James Springer.










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