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Asphalt Beach Skate Shop Moves to Deluxe Digs

Asphalt Beach skate store

Steve Larios (left) in the new Asphalt Beach in Nashville.

By Staff Report
Dec. 1, 2008

Don't talk recession to Steve Larios, owner of the Asphalt Beach skate shop in Nashville.

He just opened what is most likely America's biggest skate shop — even as the economy stumbles.

The new Asphalt Beach, in Nashville's trendy 5-Points neighborhood, covers 4800 square-feet and includes a 250-foot skating oval, where customers can try before they buy.

"We are really proud of our skating oval," Larios says.

"We had an 11-year-old girl in here yesterday and she was doing crossovers on the oval. ... It was great."

The old Asphalt Beach was on 7th Street in Nashville. Larios had to move it to make way for a new civic center.

Larios is using some of the new store's ample floor space to display non-skate products, including Baby Jogger strollers, Sugoi technical/performance clothing and Gravity longboards. But inline skates and accessories are clearly the main attraction.

A grand opening is planned for later this month.

Asphalt Beach

961 Woodland St
Nashville, TN

Asphalt Beach









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