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Skating for an Ailing Friend
Chris Howley is hoping to raise $5000 to help a cancer victim

By Lisa Nevin
March 26, 2008

Mosel River near Wolf

John Carter

You're cruising along, your front wheel hits a groove, you feel yourself starting to fly forward, but you're a healthy skilled skater, you regain your balance, and continue coasting along.

But what happens when you have two young children and this time the groove is lymphoblastic leukemia, your income plummets, medical bills rise, and you're too sick to get out bed?

For inline skater Chris Howley, witnessing his friend, John Carter, a former firefighter, paramedic and hospice chaplain, going through such an ordeal, it was maddening.

Even though there were others pulling for John with a silent auction, Chris wanted to do more.

Since skating helped Chris roll into health and fitness, it was natural to use it as a tool to benefit John. But how? Chris had heard quite a bit about a San Fransisco man, D. Miles Jr. — also called The Godfather — who had planned many productive skating events. Chris thought, "Hey, if The Godfather can do these big things with skating, I can probably do this little thing and pull it off." Hence the "Roll for Carter" was born.

At sunrise, on Saturday, April 5, 2008 (rain date April 19), Chris will skate laps along the recreation trail in Loveland, Colorado to complete a 100 mile "Roll for Carter" fundraiser. For anyone so inclined, feel free to join Chris, either to offer a draft, cheer him on, or to skate and raise your own funds for the "Roll for Carter."

Chris has put his wheels where his mouth is, now he's calling on the skating community to help him meet his modest goal. But we're skaters, we call out potholes to each other, stand in the middle of intersections so others can safely skate through, surely we can blow that modest goal off the meter charts posted on active.com! After a skater forwarded Chris' plea to Inline Club of Boston's chat list, Chris reported that he was "getting mad donations from MA!"

No matter the amount, it all adds up and will make a difference in helping a father of two regain his financial footing and begin to have a life again. Additionally, your donations demonstrate the strength and bond of the inline skating community.

To Donate:


By mail:

JCLF Fundraiser, c/o Home State Bank
Attn: Brooke Hopkins
3227 S. Timberline Rd
Fort Collins, CO 80525

In person:

Drop donations off at any Home State Bank branch.

[Lisa Nevin is a writer and skater who recently published her first novel, "Into this Mind." Learn more about Lisa at www.lisanevin.com.]









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