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Same Winners, Different Year
Starykowicz, Peterson and Adam's Inline Win in Metrodome

By Planet staff
Monday, April 23, 2007

For the third straight year, Peter Starykowicz and Kara Peterson finished first in the Metrodome Inline Marathon in Minneapolis.

Starykowicz, 21, of Long Grove, IL, clocked an average time of 20.8 mph to win the men's division. His time (1:15:37.28) was four minutes faster than last year's.

Peterson, 37, of St. Paul, MN, finished only a minute behind Starykowicz in third place overall. Her husband, Tom, finished eight seconds in front of her to claim second in the men's pro division. Newcomer Rebecca George finished two minutes behind Kara Peterson to claim second in the women's division.

The team time trial also yielded a repeat winner. Adam's Inline 1 (Matt Meyer, Thong Nguyen, Dave Swan and David Sarmiento) won with a time of 1:14:21.8.

Rainbo 1, which included Starykowicz (skating his second marathon of the day), finished 27 seconds back, to claim second place.

The Metrodome Inline Marathon is the world's only indoor skate marathon. Participants make 70.8 loops of a concourse of the Metrodome sports stadium in Minneapolis.

This year's marathon attracted about 250 skaters, 50 fewer than last year.

Reports by Rainbo's Greg Major, Kevin O'Neil and Peter Starykowicz

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