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New Company Rolls Into Speed Market
CadoMotus Hopes to Fill Mogema's Boots


By Planet Staff
posted Thursday, Nov. 30, 2006

Competition in the crowded speed skate market seemed to ease recently with Mogema's quiet exit from the field.

But skate makers had little time to relax before the announcement this week of a new competitor: Dutch-based CadoMotus.

The company (whose name comes from the Latin words for falling and movement) plans to sell a complete line of racing frames, boots, clothing and accessories, including a waterproof skate bag.

CadoMotus bootThe company is lead by Mogema's former designer, Diederik Hol, the inventor of the dual box frame. Hol also helped develop the clap skate.

CadoMotus plans to roll out its new products and web site on Jan. 1. (cadomotus.com)

Its frames will come in short and long versions for 90mm, 100mm, 104mm and 110mm wheels.

They will blend the stiffness of the dual box frame with a new lighter design, said Kelly Springer, CadoMotus' U.S. distributor. The Dual Box frames were renowned for their stiffness, but heavy by today's standards.

Frame prices are expected to start at $180, Springer said. The price for the top of the line Pro Plus 4x110mm frame will be $275 (give or take $5).

The company will sell its entry level speed boots for $200, making them a bargain.

Mogema's departure from the speed skate business, in which it was once a leader, left the field still crowded with rivals. Among them: Bont, Tru-Rev, Powerslide, Hyper and newcomer Liberty Sports.

Springer said he expects CadoMotus to be "a very good thing for the sport."

"Although we all know that training is the key to improving our performance, we are still looking for the best equipment possible," said Springer, who is coach of Synergy Inline Racing in Harrisonburg, VA.

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Latest headlines
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