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IOC Lowers Bar for Olympic Inclusion
New rules may improve roller sports' chances in 2016

By Robert "Just the Factoids" Burnson
posted Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2006

The IOC Executive Committee has made it easier for new sports to be added to the Olympic Games.

Under new rules, sports will need only a simple majority of the International Olympic Committee to win inclusion into the Games. Formerly, a two-thirds majority vote was required.

This will come as good news to fans of inline skating, who have seen their Olympic aspirations dashed year after year and watched as many of the sport's top athletes have migrated to ice for a chance to compete in the Winter Games.

Inline skating came close to inclusion in 2005 when roller sports was one of five considered for entry into the 2012 Summer Games.

The international governing body for roller sports, which includes inline and roller skating, had proposed a short program of inline speed skating.

But on July 8, 2005, the IOC rejected all five sports, even though it had first created two vacancies on the 2012 roster by cutting softball and baseball.

In secret ballots, IOC members rejected roller sports, golf and rugby in the early voting. Only squash and karate made it to a final secret ballot before being losing by a wide margin.

The vote on squash was 63-39 against inclusion; the vote on karate was 63-38.

After the vote, many IOC members complained about the results. In response to dissatifaction with the process, the Executive Board approved the procedural changes, announced today.

The rules will be used in 2009 when the IOC votes on the composition of the 2016 Summer Games.

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Related link:
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