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Planet stories and news about efforts to increase access for inline skaters, listed in reverse order of publication:


San Francisco Supes Approve Healthy Saturdays
Skaters, cyclists, runners and walkers will have another car-free day on Kennedy Drive in Golden Gate Park — at least temporarily. San Francisco supervisors voted yesterday to try Healthy Saturdays for six months: May 27 to Nov. 25. One of the chief architects of the measure was D. Miles Jr. of the California Outdoor Rollerskating Association. He says he hopes next to persuade the city to repave Kennedy Drive, which was damaged during construction of the De Young Museum. (Go to SFgate story.) (April 26, 2006)


Making It Happen in City by the Bay
D. Miles Jr. will launch his Healthy Saturdays initiative with a press conference Sunday (2 p.m.) in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. The head of the California Outdoor Rollerskating Association is pushing City Hall to extend the Sunday closure of JFK Drive in the park. ... Sunday will be a busy day for Miles. At 9 a.m., he launches the Northern California outdoor racing season with the Greg Levien 50K in San Mateo. (Go to more info.) (April 7, 2006)


Pushing Toward Paradise at Golden Gate Park - San Francisco skaters are making strides in their effort to make Golden Gate Park more skate-friendly. On their urging, Supervisor Jake McGoldrick has introduced the "Healthy Saturdays Initiative." The plan would divert cars from Kennedy Drive on Saturdays. The street is already off-limits to cars on Sundays and holidays, making it a mecca for skaters and cyclists. Of course, D. Miles Jr. of the California Outdoor Rollerskating Association is leading the effort. (Go to note from Miles.) (Go to video of Supes meeting.) (March 1, 2006)


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