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Bont Apache 3-point Skates

3-point Racing Skates Heat Up Sales for Bont
Australian company reports record sales

By Planet staff
Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Australian skate maker Bont is rolling up record sales this year as interest grows in its innovative 3-point inline racing boots and frames.

Bont sales are up by more than 150 percent this year, said marketing manager Alexander Bont.

Bont created a buzz in the racing world last year when it introduced the 3-point system. The system cuts weight from racing skates by attaching frames to boots using three mounts, rather than the usual two.

But the new skates didn't start flying off the shelves until the company refined the 3-point product line this year.

"Last year, 30 percent of our sales were 3-point, and this year it's 80 percent," Bont said. "We've had more orders in the first three months of this year than any year on record.

"The down side is that other projects — like the Sniper Evo 4 frame, new short track products, and the cycle shoes — have been pushed back a few months while we try to fill as many inline orders as we can."

Bont's sales spurt comes a few months after Rollerblade USA reported a jump of 12 percent in 2006 skate sales.

Alexander Bont said other factors in the company's sales growth include:

  • The company's new European distributor: Raps
  • The exit from the skate market of Salomon and several Korean manufacturers
  • A lack of new products from competitors

"I wouldn't put it down to market growth," he said.

Bont is hoping the planned introduction next month of its new Semi Race 3-point and Pro Rec skates will add fuel to the growing sales trend.

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