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Send the Best Video
Group raises money for World Team, inline skating
By Planet staff
posted Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2006

tillSend the Best has started selling a video as part of its effort to support the U.S. inline speed skating team and inline skating in general.

The video features the work of videographer Toni Wood, the daughter of World Team coach Linda Wood and sister of World Team member Josh Wood.

Among the highlights of the compilation is Wood's popular "Until I Collapse," which dramatizes the world of inline speed skating.

The video also includes World Team slideshow, bloopers reel and a section intended to help roller rinks promote the inline speed skating.

The basic video is available for a donation of $20 (DVD version) or $30 (VHS).

For $5 more, you get video of the 300-meter starts at Outdoor Nationals and assorted clips from both the World Speed Skating Championships and Indoor Nationals.

For $15 more, you get the ability to change up to 15 frames, add your own video and change captions.

Send the Best was created two years ago to insure that the top U.S. skaters could afford to attend at the World Championships.

Recently, as World Team financing has improved, the group has broadened its mission to include promoting the sport of inline skating.

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