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Skate Ranger to the Rescue
New action figure wears skates on feet, knees and arms


By Planet staff
posted Friday, Nov. 17, 2006

He's the "latest weapon in the battle of good against evil" — and he might just help inspire a new generation of inline skaters.

He's Skate Ranger, a new remote-controlled action figure that is appearing this holiday season.

He wears skates on his feet, knees and hands and "performs extreme skate moves in a variety of daredevil positions," according to a company press release.


"Skate Ranger is taking America by storm," the press release gushes.

That may be a bit of a stretch, considering the toy was only formally announced today.

But the company has managed to get Skate Ranger on the shelves of trend-setter FAO Schwarz in New York City, where it's "flying off the shelves like crazy," says Jonatan Domatov, CEO of Skate Ranger, LLC.

The toy ($39) is also available online and in shops in Moscow, Dubai and at Atomic Sports in Ireland.

The company has grandiose plans for the toy, which it envisions as the "next major super hero enterprise."

It says Skate Ranger will be the subject of a series of graphic novels (in other words comic books). The first, "The Daring Roller-Blading Adventure Of Skate Ranger," comes with the toy.

The company also plans a Skate Ranger television show and movie.

And of course, to keep our action hero happy, he will soon be joined on the crime-fighting beat by "Skate Rangerette."

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