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September 3 - 9, 2006

Sept. 3, 2006
World Championships
Mantia Robbed in Anyang
Colombians used roller derby-like tactics to prevent USA's Joey Mantia from winning the gold in today's 1000 meters in Anyang.
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Sept. 4, 2006
World Championships
U.S. Women Strike Gold
Victory in the 3000-meter relay ends dry spell for U.S. women, but frustration follows USA's Joey Mantia for another day.
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Sept. 6, 2006
World Championships
Mantia Wins Second Gold, Sets 10K Record
But timing problem knocks U.S. star out of medal contention in the 200-meter time trial.
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Skate Bytes
Colombians Win U.S. 10K
The classic race in Atlanta got back on track this year with a strong field of 114 racers and deep prize money. Julian Rivera won the men's race. Eddy Matzger was second, a tenth of a second back. Diana Molina Solis won the women's race.
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Waterpark Invasion
It's thrills and spills as a group of street skaters invades an Atlanta waterpark closed for the season.
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Sept. 7, 2006
World Championships
Mantia Topples 500m, 20K Records
USA's Joey Mantia set world records today in the 500 meters and 20K, but failed to medal in the 500m final. Jessica Smith fell hard but won bronze in the 20K.

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Skate Bytes
Never Too Late
trilogyskatersWith help from instructors Bernie Scoville and Phil Lenihan, the Trilogy retirement village in Rio Vista, Calif., got rolling this summer. Their first day on skates is recounted in this animated slide show.

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Sept. 8, 2006
World Championships
U.S. Women Win Second Relay Gold
A battered knee didn't prevent Jessica Smith from leading her team to victory, but the U.S. men lost by a hawk.

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Skate Tip of the Week:
Skate Bag Stuffers
Rain and road vibration can play havoc with your skates. But a couple simple tricks can keep you rolling — as World Team Coach Linda Wood explains in this week's skate tip.
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Sept. 9, 2006
World Championships
Mantia Wins Marathon!
The World Championships end with Joey Mantia winning the marathon and questions emerging about the future of the U.S. World Team.
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