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May 21-27, 2006


May 22, 2006
Skate Bytes ...
Designing a Better Skate
Got an idea for making inline skates better? If so, Tim Hoh would like to hear about it. He's an industrial design student in Detroit who is researching inline skates. Go to more info.
Heading to Nationals
USA's top speed skaters began arriving in Colorado Springs today for the National Banked Track and Road Championships, better known as Outdoor Nationals. Racing starts Friday with the 300 meter sprint and ends May 31st (barring rain delays) with the marathon. Winners earn a spot on the U.S. World Team. Go to schedule.


May 23, 2006
Unbanning Skates at San Jose State
Officials at San Jose State University are considering reversing their ban of inline skates on campus. Safety concerns led to the skate ban 16 years ago. But these days the college wants to promote non-polluting forms of transportation. "As long as students follow common sense, it will work," one official said. ... Go to Spartan Daily story ... more news about skate laws.

Skate Bytes ...
SmartWheels Go 100mm
Concept Sports says its new MOD 120 provides a 20 percent boost in braking power over the original SmartWheels. The in-wheel brakes (activated by putting weight on the outside wheel edges) also come in larger sizes, including 100mm. ... Go to more info.
The Big Five-O
The Group Skate Mapper, just two weeks old, recorded its 50th entry Monday: the Wednesday Night Speed Skate in Marina Del Mar, Calif. ... Keep those group skates, training sessions and skate meccas coming! ... Go to Group Skate Mapper.


May 24, 2006
Skate Bytes ...
Nationals Live!
USA Roller Sports will provide live coverage of the Outdoor National Bank Track Championships, starting Friday in Colorado Springs. Webmaster Michael Stieb will post live play-by-play descriptions of races. A webcam will deliver a fresh image of the Velodrome every 30 seconds. ... Go to USARS web coverage.
Roller Sports Meets Motorsports
Skaters will roll through motorsports history on July 30 in West Sussex, England. That's the date of the Goodwood Roller Marathon, which is held on the famed Goodwood Circuit, formerly the haunt of such race car luminaries as Roger Penske and Sterling Moss. Skaters will make 11 circuits of the twisting, 2.38-mile road course. ... Go to
spot on Summer Event Calendar.


May 25, 2006
Big Crowd Expected for Hayward Marathon
The new Hayward Inline Marathon in the North Woods of Wisconsin may turn out to be the fourth largest skate marathon in North America this year. ... Go to Planet story and photo preview.

Skate Bytes ...
Ohno Out?
Olympic champion and former inline skater Apolo Anton Ohno says he is taking a break from competing and may retire. "I've accomplished everything I wanted to in my sport," he said. Ohno, 24, has won five short-track speed skating medals, including two golds, in Olympic competition. After this year's Winter Games, he moved to Los Angeles, abandoning the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, where he had lived for seven years. He says he would like to become a goodwill ambasador for speed skating.
... Go to AP story.


May 26, 2006
Mantia Sets U.S. Record, Wins 1000 Meters
High winds couldn't keep Luigino's Joey Mantia from setting a new U.S. record today in the 300-meter time trial. In fact, four records fell today at Outdoor Nationals. Are 100mm wheels the cause? ... Go to Planet story.

Bowe Dominates in 1st Sprint of Nationals
Luigino's Brittany Bowe won her first-ever national championship event today, with what appeared to be an effortless victory in the 300 meter time trial. She followed that by winning the 1000. ... Go to Planet story

Richardson Wins 300 Meters
Heather Richardson, 17, of High Point, N.C., won the 300 meter track sprint this morning at the start of the Banked Track Outdoor National Championships in Colorado Springs. Her time of 28.434 seconds sets a new US. junior record. ... Go to Planet story.

Skate Bytes ...
USOC to Fund Inline?
According to an unconfirmed report, the United States Olympic Committee has agreed to help pay the travel expenses of members of the U.S. inline speed skating team. Previsouly, the USOC has said it would provide no money for inline skating this year.
Road Skater Beats Ticket
dismissalNorth Carolina's Mark Farnsworth is not the kind of skater to back down in the face of adversity. He got a ticket for skating in the street recently. But rather than pay it, he went to court and won a victory for all of us! ... Go to Mark's story.


May 27, 2006
Crash, Battles Highlight 10K Points Race
A 13-year-old girl won the junior women's event at Outdoor Nationals today. Meanwhile, Luigino's Brittany Bowe continued her winning ways; teammate Joey Mantia lost one; and a crash wiped out half the junior men's field. ... Go to Planet story.

Canadian Men, Bont Women Rule Belle Isle
Canadians claim top four spots in today's Wolverine Inline Marathon in Detroit. Bont's Jilleanne Rookard wins the women's race. ... Go to Planet story

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