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April 14, 2010

What to Do About Too Loose Boots?

QHi, Bill: I really enjoy your column. I wonder if you could help me with something? I just returned to inline skating after a 12-year layoff. The first thing I noticed was the difference in wheel size. I bought a pair of K2 Radical 100mm skates and am getting used to the big wheels. But the skates seem too large for my feet. I have gone from two pair of socks to three. What are my options? - Thanks for your time. Dave

Hi, Dave: Here are some slack-boot tips from the master bootmaker himself, Inze Bont:

1) If the boots are too long, jam some wet tissue paper into the toe area. When dry, the paper will become quite stiff and provide some extra structure. You can also use tissue paper to build up other parts of your boots. But this method works best in the toe area where there isn't so much friction.

2) If you can't tighten your laces any further, try adding a layer of stiff foam to the underside of the boot tongues. This will add some volume to the inside of your boots, making it possible to further tighten your boots.

3) Try wearing insoles in the bottom of your boots. Insoles can make things more snug inside your boots. But they can also cause problems by moving your ankles out of alignment with the ankle cups of your boots.

Another problem with insoles is that they put another layer of material between you and your wheels. This makes it harder for you to feel the skating surface and gauge your wheel performance.

Another thing you can do to take up the slack in your boots is to wear a thick pair of ankle booties, like the Ezeefit booties sold by Glenn Koshi. The Ezeefits also help with blisters and provide some extra ankle support, so you can't go wrong with them.

Best of luck. And remember: once you get used to your 100mm wheels, you'll have 110s to look forward to.

Cheers, Bill

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