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March. 24, 2010

What's the Best Hi-Lo Setup for Fitness Skaters?

QHello, Bill: What's faster: an inline skate with two 90mm wheels in front and two 100mm wheels in the rear (like the K2 Mach 100) or a setup with three 100mm wheels and one 90mm wheel in the second position (like the Rollerblade Crossfire 100). Also, which of these would you recommend for an intermediate skater for recreational and fitness skating. - Best regards, Rene Cordero from the Dominican Republic

Hi, Rene: Here's what I can tell you: none of the world's top skaters use a setup with two smaller wheels on the front of their frame. However, some skaters, especially smaller ones, use setups with three 100mm wheels and one 90mm wheel.

The 3x100mm setups have shorter frames than their 4x100mm counterparts. As a result, they are easier to control and lighter.

On the other hand, 2x100mm setups have even shorter frames. So they would likely provide even more control.

Both the skates you mention are designed for recreational and fitness skating. With one (the K2), you would have a little more control. With the other (the Rollerblade), you would have a little more speed. You'll have to decide what's more important to you.

Cheers to all the Dominican Republic skaters!


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