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Aug. 26, 2009

What Are the Best Wheels for Road Skating in Sultry Singapore?

QHi Bill: I am wondering what kind of wheels to put on my new 4x90mm frames. I skate in Singapore where it is typically hot (30 C) and humid. Mostly, I skate outdoors on tarmac and the occasional bit of cement. I use 85A wheels now but am interested in 89A or 91A wheels. Is it possible to use 89A or 91A wheels outdoors? The ones I've seen are rated "indoors" but I have seen skaters use them outside. Thanks! - Matthew, Singapore

Hi, Matthew: I spend a lot of time in Singapore these days, so I'm familiar with the conditions there. I have biked to the end of the East Coast cycle-skateway, and my daughter Nicole has skated it and the car parks and roads.

I would advise against switching to harder wheels. On roads, harder does not mean faster and can slow you down. Hard wheels don't provide enough rebound for roads. And the result is poor roll and butchered feet.

You're options are limited when it comes to buying 90mm wheels. The 90mm MPC Road Warriors or Street Fights would work well — if you can find them. But don't go with any wheel that is any harder than the Yellow Matter, which are 85-86A ... not for the road in Singapore.

Cheers, Bill

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