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World renowned speed coach Bill Begg shares his vast knowledge of skating every week in his "Ask Bill Begg!" column on the Inline Planet.

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July 23, 2009

Can You Coach Me?

QHi, Bill: I am interested in improving my speed skating skills and was wondering where you coach and whether you might take me in for personal training? I am currently based in London. Cheers, Alphy

Hi, Alphy: Unfortunately, I am not in your neck of the woods at present. I've been jumping around in Asia (Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia). But if you can wait — and are not short of dollars — you could come down to Timaru, New Zealand, after the European racing season. I will be coaching in Timaru, my hometown, on a banked track. And while there, you would have the chance to participate in some racing.

Timaru will be the site of the first Asianic Inline Cup marathon on Jan. 24th. If you timed it right, you could arrive in Melbourne, compete in the Australian Marathon Championships on Jan. 23rd (Saturday morning), then hop over to Timaru in time for the AIC marathon on Sunday evening.

Next, you could skate in the Tour of South Canterbury, a stage race, from Tuesday to Saturday (Jan. 26-28). (We hope to offer billets for overseas competitors.) Finally, there's another AIC marathon on Sunday, Jan. 31st.

If you don't want to wait for coaching, you could work with my wife, Cheryl. She's based in Weinfelden, Switzerland, which is a lot closer than New Zealand. And she could certainly help you. Cheryl is a three-time world champion and has coached the New Zealand and Australian teams and worked as assistant coach of the Swiss and German teams. And if you need lodging, she has a spare bed in the house.

Thanks for your inquiry. Just so you know, you wouldn't be the first skater to make the journey to Timaru for coaching.

Cheers, Bill

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