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Oct. 28, 2008

Best Size Wheels for Sprinting?

QHello, Bill: I am a novice indoor speed skater who skates for fun, not to be competitive. My question is: What are the best size wheels for indoor sprinting. Four or five laps is the most we do, and it's usually whoever gets off the line first who wins. Thanks for your insight. - J Coburn

Hi, J: It depends a fair bit on your size and strength. If you are a young skater (10 to 12) or an older novice, you might do best with a short frame (plate) that takes four 84 or 90mm wheels. You can generate quick speed with these relatively light setups.

If you are a little older or stronger, you might consider a short 4x100mm setup. These come as short as 11.92 inches.

These setups are easy to get going and provide good roll once you get them moving. They best suit skaters with small feet (size 38 EU or less; 6 men, 7.5 women US). They are ideal for women with small feet.

If you are reasonably big and strong, you may be able to handle a longer frame of 12.8 inches or more.

Size, age and strength are all important factors to consider. And what works for one skater may not work for you.

Email me your age, foot size, weight, etc., and I might be able to help you more.

Cheers, Bill


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