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The team leaders of the National Roller Cup

Luigino, Bont Lead After San Francisco

By Planet Staff

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After three events, the Luigino men and Bont women lead the National Roller Cup's team rankings.

World champion Joey Mantia made the difference for Luigino. His back-to-back victories in Texas and California netted 120 points, more than half Luigino's total (214).

But Mantia nonwithstanding, Luigino holds only a slim lead in the NROC rankings. Right behind it is Team Simmons with 203 points.

Simmons may lack star quality, but it's rich in talent and depth. Led by Adam Miller, Rob Bell and Alex Fedak, it could easily take the lead if Luigino lets down its guard as the series moves to the Midwest.


Adams Inline, led by Kara Peterson, burst out of the gates at the first NROC event, collecting 105 points at the Metrodome Inline Marathon. But it sat out the next two events ... which was all perennial powerhouse Bont North America needed to take over the lead.

Bont's Debbie Rice won the Texas Road Rash; teammate Helen Havam finished second at the SF Inline Marathon; and other Bont women contributed to the team's 167 point total.

Meanwhile, Luigino's Peggy Girgenti has kept her team in contention — without the benefit of teammates. The Southern Californian finished second at the Road Rash and third in San Francisco, accounting for every one of Luigino's 95 points.

As the series moves back to the Midwest (the next event is the Badger State Inline Marathon in Wisconsin), the Midwest-based Adams Inline team will no doubt start collecting points again. But if the Bont and Luigino women continue to compete, it is likely to be a close contest.




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