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NROC Rankings
The leaders of the pro divisions of the National Roller Cup

Mantia, George Lead After San Francisco

By Planet Staff

NROC Standings

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Note: the pro system ranks pro and advanced skaters; NROC Prime generates performance scores for all skaters.

The NROC Pro Points System

The NROC Prime Performance System

Joey Mantia's victory in San Francisco — his second NROC win in a row — moved him solidly into first place in the pro rankings of the National Roller Cup.

The 22-year-old world champion from Ocala, FL, collected 60 points Sunday, to bring his two-race total to 120.

That put him 40 points ahead of second-place Adam Miller of Independence, MO.

Miller, who finished seventh Sunday, has 80 points. His Simmons Racing teammate Rob Bell of Oklahoma City is in third place with 67 points.

Sunday's results knocked Aloe Up's Chad Johnson from first to fourth place in the open pro rankings and pushed Adams Inline's David Sarmiento from second, where he was tied with Mantia, to fifth place. Neither Johnson nor Sarmiento raced Sunday.

But don't count either of them out.

Both are based in the Midwest, home of the remaining four races in the NROC series (Badger, Chicagoland, Saint Paul and Hayward).


Despite skipping Sunday's race, Rebecca George of Baxter, MN, remained comfortably ahead in the women's pro rankings.

George, 25, has 110 points — and is likely to collect more as the series moves back to the Midwest.

Tied for second are Adams Inline's Kara Peterson and MPC's Sara Sayasane.

Peterson, 39, of St. Paul, won the Metrodome Inline Marathon. Sayasane, 22, of Milpitis, CA, won the San Francisco Inline Marathon.

Master Women

Luigino's Peggy Girgenti moved solidly into first place in the master women's (35-44) division on Sunday with her third place finish in San Francisco.

The race pushed her total to 110 points, 50 more than second-place Debbie Rice of Bont North America. Rice did not compete in Sunday's race.

Master Men

Team Simmons' Alex Fedak held on to his lead in the competitive master men's division. He finished ninth overall in San Francisco — first in the master's division — to collect another 60 points. He also won his division at the Road Rash.

Simmons' Richard Cassube was tied with Luigino's Norm Kirby for second. Both have 95 points.

Veteran Men

Team Safe's Dennis Humphrey has won the veterans division (45 and above) at the last two NROC races. But he still only has enough points (120) to put him in second place.

Twenty points ahead of him is Adams Inline's David Swan (140 points). The 48-year-old from Minneapolis has skated in — and collected points at — each of the first three races in the series.

While still on top, he is likely to be challenged later when he hits the five race limit. Only the top five races count toward the final points total.

Veteran Women

Carol Hochstein leads the women's pro veterans standings with 95 points. The 50-year-old from St. Petersburg, FL, finished second in her division Sunday and third at the Road Rash.

Three women are tied for second: Brenda Harris, Maria De Souza and Lynne Webber.

The NROC Pro Points System

The NROC Prime Performance System




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