Sunday, August 19, 2007


I decided to video the Jr Mens race since it was so hard to type. I apologize for all of the typo's.. just wanted you to know what was going on.... the reason I got so angry about that last race was that Bri was up front (top 2 or 3) and they "called the race" so she stood up. Then all the other girls kept going. Bri dropped near the back (not because she couldn't keep up... but she listened to what the referee's said... just like at home), unfortunately that may have cost her.

Again my hat is off to Bri and Skylar for a great effort. That fall was nasty... and no... I didn't get it! By the way... the team that cheated by cutting down underneath the girls that were injured and went from near last to first was the Chile team. That was also the girl who was fighting with Sky and also finished 3rd.

But I did get the one in Jr Men with Hank Galbraith and Kevin Quandt. Several guys went down in the same corner as the girls (turn 2) and Hank and Kevin went down hard. Kevin did not get back up right away and then skated off of the track. Hank flew back up and chased to no avail. He got lapped out about 8 laps later. Again great job guys.

Senior ladies - it appears that Britt and Jess will be skating this race. Linda

p.s. pictures will follow later tonight or tomorrow morning. Over 500 photos of Jr Ladies and Mens race alone.


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