Saturday, August 18, 2007

CANO SKATES WELL- but 25.60 may not be enough!

USA's Sebastian Cano warms up for his qualifying run in today's 300-meter time trial.

USA's Sebastian Cano did everything right. While the first heat skated, he had his skates off and relaxed in a chair out in the middle of the track with teammate Joey Mantia.

On his start, his front foot rolled back a good inch or two (far enough back that we we could see what happened from our vantage point across the track, road course and up in the bleachers). The official did not call him back, which is always a good thing. As he continued on his line, he looked good from our vantage point and he had only one "hop step" coming out of the second turn that might have slowed him down a bit. As he came across the line, his time was 25.60 seconds. So close and yet ... possibly so far!

With at least nine skaters in the 25.50 range or LOWER — and the Colombian, Australian, Italy, Argentina and Chinese Taipei skaters yet to race — Sebastian could be on the outside looking in. He has worked so hard; and he skated a great race. ... We will have to wait and see.

You will not believe it... they keep changing times for skaters. The skater from Mexico just posted a time of 24.81... he truly did not skate a 24.81. The crowd kept telling the officials. ... Next thing you know, they are looking at the clock and then they changed his time to 26.56. It makes you wonder: are they changing times to help them out???? I am not saying that anyone is cheating, but it makes you wonder. That's all.

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