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Inline Planet previews of new and upcoming inline skate models in reverse order of publication.

K2 Says Skaters Like Radicals Just the Way They Are - K2 has decided not to make any changes to its Radical line of marathon skates for 2006. The decision will come as bad news for skaters who like innovation but good news to bargain hunters. Retailers are already slashing prices on the 2005 Radicals to make way for next year's models. (Go to the Planet previews of the 2006 Radicals.) (Dec. 9, 2005)

K2 Puts a Little Polish on Its VO2 Models for 2006 - K2 isn't making any big changes to its VO2 line of high-end fitness-rec skates for 2006. It decided not to mess with success. But it has made a few changes in the line, adding some new colors and improving the breathability of the skates. ... Want to take a look? (Go to the Planet preview.) (Dec. 3, 2005)

K2 Goes Hi-Lo in Update of Its Rec-Fitness Line - The changes in K2's entry-level recreational skates for 2006 are mostly cosmetic: brighter colors, a new name, a few added features. But the company is also testing the market for hi-lo fitness skates with its new Athena and Exo 6.1s. (Go to the Planet preview.) (Dec. 1, 2005)

K2 Brings Out Bevy of 2006 Skates for the Holidays - You won't have to wait until next year to buy many of K2's 2006 models. The company is launching a dozen of its new skates in time for the holidays. Among the early releases: the entry level Exo 2.1, the VO2 fitness models and the all-new Athena line for women. (Go to the Planet story.) (Nov. 29, 2005)

Rollerblade Pops Out Two New Skates for Holidays - You don't have to wait until January to get your hands on a pair of 2006 Rollerblades. Just in time for the holiday shopping tsunami, the company has released two of next year's models: the Wing 7 for women and the Astro 7 for men. The models are top-of-the-line for the company's new Wellness series of fitness-recreational skates. (Go to the Planet story.) (Nov. 25, 2005)

Rollerblade To Introduce Twister to U.S. Market - Rollerblade has gotten serious about its Twister freestyle skate. Gone are the playful color schemes of 2005. Replacing them is an elegant black-and-white design that would make Fred Astaire's head turn. ... And it won't just be available in Europe. Rollerblade is bringing the Twister to the States. (Go to the Planet story!) (Oct. 4, 2005)

2006 Lightning Will Have 90mm Wheels, Longer Frame - Rollerblade is streamlining its Lightning line of marathon skates. Gone next year will be models with four 84mm wheels. Instead, the basic model will be a 4x90mm skate with a new longer frame. (Go to the Planet Preview of the 2006 Lightning.) (Sept. 29, 2005)

Rollerblade's Speed and Marathon Skates for 2006 - Rollerblade is updating its line of speed and marathon skates next year. The lineup includes new lightweight frames, a Reebok-like pump system and the company's first-ever 100mm skates specifically for women. But one thing you won't find, at least in the USA, is a carbon-shell model like this year's popular Lightning 10. (Go to story and photos) (Sept. 28, 2005)

Rollerblade Plans Launch of First-Ever 'Multi-Use' Skate - Rollerblade is calling its 2006 Crossfire 4D and Activa 4D the world's first-ever "multi-use skates." They come with frames that can be easily adjusted to two different lengths. The shorter length is for maneuverability; the longer length, for speed. (Go to the Planet Preview of the 2006 Crossfire and Activa 4D skates.) (Sept. 27, 2005)

K2 Hopes to Spark a Fashion Revolution in Inline Skates - Tired of drab, colorless fitness skates? If so, you're not alone. According to K2, lot of women want skates with more "pop." That's why the company teamed up with designer Jette Joop to create what may be the first-ever line of inline fashion skates. (Read the Planet story!) (See photos of all the new skates!) (Sept. 13, 2005)

Sneak Peek: New Rollerblade Frame Will Stretch to Fit Street or Road Skating - 2005 has been the year of the Big Wheel for Rollerblade; 2006 will be a year of refinements. The skate company's new models will include more Big Wheels, new colors, new shells and an all new fit. There will also be an adjustable frame designed for both street and road skating. And an ultra-light frame for speed junkies. (Here's the Planet's sneak peek at the 2006 Rollerblade models!) (Aug. 12, 2005)

Roces Creates a New Skate For the Fitness-Marathon Market
The Italian skate maker's Cruiser is half racing skate, half fitness skate and 100 percent high-end. It won't come standard with 100 mm wheels like the new high-end Bad Boys from Rollerblade and K2. But if you want 100 mm wheels, you'll be able to order them that way. ... One of the beauties of the Cruiser is that it's highly customizable. Here's the full story. (Tuesday, November 23, 2004)

Salomon Is Rolling Out Its Own Big Wheels for 2005
Rollerblade and K2 won't be the only skate makers trolling the market with Big Wheel skates next year. Salomon has refashioned its high-end Pilot Pro line with two hi-low models, one with three 100 mm wheels and one 84 mm wheel, and the another with three 90s and one 84. Typical of Salomon, they are very pretty! Here's what we know so far along with some photos. (Friday, November 12, 2004)

K2 Resurrects the Soul Slide in Bid to Reenter the Freestyle Market!
K2 used to rule the freestyle (or freeride) market with a skate called the Soul Slide. Skaters loved this short-framed, all-around beauty. But then K2 discontinued it and skated away from the freeride market. ... Well now K2 is back in the market with a new line of Soul Series skates for 2005. Here's the Planet story complete with a photo page of the new skates. And please, don't anybody say anything about the election! (Wednesday, November 3, 2004)

Stop the Presses Again! ... K2 Will Also Roll Out Big Wheel Skates for 2005!

The company that invented the soft boot isn't ready to let Rollerblade take the lead in innovation. It will also roll out a bevy of Big Wheel skates for 2005! Its brand new Radical 100 will have four 100 mm wheels. Its Radical 90 and VO2 Max will each have four 90 mm wheels. It's the war of the Big Wheels! Here's the Planet story (with photos) of K2's new skates. Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Stop the Presses! ... Rollerblade to Roll Out 100 mm Skates for 2005!

One hundred millimeter wheels aren't just going to be for those World Cup hot shots anymore! ... In February, Rollerblade plans to add two 100 mm skates to its lineup: the ProBlade and the Lightning 10. Both will sport four 100 mm wheels. That's right! And if that's too much of a jump for you, you might think about the Lightning 6. It will sport four 90 mm wheels. Here's a photo of the Lightning 10 and some more about the new skates. Thursday, October 14, 2005

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