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Speed Skaters Converge for Smaller World Championships - They've got a new name. And they are smaller than last year. But this year's World Speed Skating Championships promise to be just as exciting as ever with the top inline racers in the world -- including USA's Brittany Bowe and Joey Mantia -- competing for gold, silver and bronze on track and road. (Here's the Planet Preview of the 2005 World Speed Skating Championships!) (Aug. 25, 2005)

Watch ESPN Sunday for Highlights of the St. Paul Marathon
Inline skating will grab a sliver of the media spotlight this weekend as the ESPN cable sports network broadcasts live from the finish line of the St. Paul Inline Marathon. We talked to ESPN producer Marc Weiner today about the coverage. He filled us in on what to expect. (Here's the Planet story!) (Aug. 18, 2005)

The Napa Marathon Rolls This Weekend Through Wine Country!
The Napa Valley Inline Marathon doesn't attract the crowds. But don't let that stop you from coming out this Sunday to support one of the finest inline marathons on the West Coast -- and an event that has the potential to be one of the best inline marathons anywhere! (Here's the Planet preview!) (Aug. 3, 2005)

Many of the Top Inline Speed Skaters Snub the World Games
After tomorrow's marathon in Zug, Switzerland, many of the weary and battered World Inline Cup skaters will get a welcome vacation. But a handful of the skaters, tired or not, will be heading straight to Duisberg, Germany, to represent their countries in the World Games. The World Games are said to be the second largest multi-sport event in the world, after the Olympics. But many of the top skaters in the world are not impressed. (Here's the Planet story!) (July 15, 2005)

After Last Week's Shove-Fest, World Cup Moves to Vallee de Joux
Last week's World Inline Cup in Engadin, Switzerland, got a little rough. At the finish, as the road narrowed to one lane, more than a few racers started pushing and shoving. The result: three racers were disqualified; five, including the two top men were given written warnings. Tomorrow, the racers will be hoping for dry weather and a clean finish as the World Cup moves to Le Sentier in western Switzerland. (Here's the Planet preview!) (July 1, 2005)

Rollerblade's New Strategy Helps Deflate the Fila Juggernaut
Rollerblade's strategy of packing its world racing team with attack experts, like Shane Dobbin and Alexis Contin, appears to be working. With almost two-thirds of the season over, Rollerblade has a sizable lead in the World Inline Cup, although Fila's Max Presti still reigns as the top skater. (Here's the Planet story!) (June 24, 2005)

Fallout From Last Year May Be Cause for Smaller Numbers for 2005 Disney Marathon
The Disney folks are working hard this year to win back the trust of skaters, many of whom found the going dangerous at last year's Disney Inline Marathon. They've changed the racecourse and the start times to make the event safer. "Hopefully, the skaters will see that we have listened to their feedback ... and come back!" says Paul Ortolano. (Here's the Planet preview of the 2005 Disney Inline Marathon!) (April 28, 2005)

Top Teams Have Lots to Prove as World Inline Cup Moves to Taipei
The first stage of the World Inline Cup last week in Seoul proved that Fila International could be beaten ... at least in the rain. But tomorrow's forecast is for clear skies in Taipei. So there will be no excuses and lots on the line at the top teams line up for the second stage of the World Inline Cup. (Here's the Planet preview!) (April 16, 2005)

300 Skaters Expected at Inaugural Metrodome Inline Marathon
Most inline marathons are run on long road courses that give racers plenty of elbow room. But what do you do if your racecourse is only 605 meters long? ... That was the question faced by the organizers of this weekend's Metrodome Inline Marathon in Minneapolis. The answer they came up with will apparently add up to another big win for Minnesota skaters. (Here's the Planet preview of the Metrodome Inline Marathon!) (April 15, 2005)

Outdoor Season Opens Sunday in N. California With the Greg Levien 50 K
You can tell it's spring in Northern California when the smell of flowers fills the air and D. Miles lines 'em up for the first race of the Dan Burger Point Series. The Greg Levien 50 K is on a scenic and demanding road course south of San Francisco; it inludes a casual 10 K skate; and it attracts a modest but enthusiastic crowd that often includes some of the best long-distance skaters in the country. (Here's the Planet preview of the Greg Levien 50 K!) (April 7, 2005)

Can the Sports Capital of Texas Keep the Road Rash Growing?
The city of Round Rock and Austin speed skater Richard Littrell got the Texas Road Rash off to a great start last year. Now the question is: Can they turn their well-run, early-season inline marathon into a financially self-sufficient, annual event? ... (Here's the Planet preview of the 2005 Texas Road Rash!) (March 17, 2005)

Is This the Start of Inline Marathoning in Mexico?
The promoters of the new Los Cabos Inline Marathon are billing their event as the first of its kind for Latin America. We would like to think of it as the start of a trend. Here's the Planet Preview of the Los Cabos Inline Marathon with an interview with the head honcho, Rodolfo Gomez. ... Yes, that Rodolfo Gomez! ... The great Mexican marathon runner from the 1980s! (Tuesday, November 30, 2004)

The Silver Strand's Silver Lining! ... The Silver Strand Half Marathon in San Diego (this Sunday) is only in its second year, but it's a healthy little event that offers hope for the future. ... There's no talk of doing away with this race. In fact, the promotor is talking about creating an all-new, full inline marathon for 2006. Our hat's off to this great fledgling event! Here's the Planet Preview of the Silver Strand Half Marathon. (Tuesday, November 9, 2004)

Marathoning in Paradise? ... Sure, it sounds like a contradiction. Shouldn't you be eatin' peaches on the beaches, instead? ... Well, if you're signed up for the Tahiti Black Pearl Inline Marathon (Nov. 7), you get the best of both worlds! One day of racing, five days of beaches! ... For our preview of the marathon, we got an update on the race from organizer Christopher Pierre. (Monday, November 1, 2004)

Cactus Classic Inline Marathon May Roll Into the Sunset After This Year's Race! ... The funky little marathon in the desert may be the latest roadkill on the inline highway. This year's event (Nov. 7) is safe, the race director says. But if new sponsors can't be found, the Cactus Classic will be as endangered as Wiley Coyote. Here's the Inline Planet story. (Saturday, October 30, 2004)

The Athens to Atlanta: the Race That Takes Everything You Got ... And Then Some! ...The A2A Ultra Marathon is an inline skate race that tests the body and the soul of a racer. It's long: 87 mile. It's tough: hills from start to finish. And it's happening Sunday! Here's the Planet preview of the Athens to Atlanta with an interview with Kim Perkins, who has won the women's race the past two years. Too bad we can't get some television coverage, because this 22-year-old event is a real American classic! (Thursday, October 21, 2004)

The Long Beach Inline Marathon Threatened with the Axe in 2005 ... Things are not looking good for the Long Beach Inline Marathon. According to Long Beach race director Dan Joyce, the event is headed for extinction (although this year's event is safe) unless new sponsors can be found to keep it rolling. Here's the Planet story: Marathon Could Get the Axe. And for more, read the Planet Interview with Long Beach Inline Marathon race director Dan Joyce. (Friday, September 24, 2004)

Springtime in Paris, September in Duluth ...Here's the crazy truth: The best place for inline skaters to be in mid-September is Duluth, Minnesota! ... Yes, Duluth, Minnesota, for the skating of the greatest of all U.S. inline racing events, the NorthShore Inline Marathon. This is a great

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event. And it's not just for World Cup racers (although they will be there, too.) Most of the participants will be recreational skaters out for a good time. ... If there's anyway you can get to Duluth on the weekend of Sept 17-19, do it! ... Read my storylet about the NorthShore here. ... And when you're done with that, read my Interview With the Marathon Man, Chuck Carlberg. (Thursday, September 2, 2004)

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