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Inline Marathoning
The Planet's guide to inline marathons.

The Beginner's Guide to Outdoor Racing
Finally — a comprehensive guide to inline marathoning and outdoor racing! We've got a2a champ Kim Perkins to thank for it. She put together a 5-part guide that covers all the basics, including what race category to enter, how to skate in a paceline, how to prepare for a race — and even how to turn pro. (Go to the Beginner's Guide to Outdoor Racing.)

Marathon Training for Advanced Skaters
Are you ready to take your skating to the next level? Then read Barry Publow's advanced guide to marathon training. In the first installment, the Canadian skate coach and author explains why it's a mistake for skaters to train the way that runners do. (Go to the Planet story.)

A Marathon Primer - Inline legend Eddy Matzger's guide to preparing for a marathon.

Racing News - The Planet's news news about marathons and races worldwide.

Interview With the NorthShore Inline Marathon Man ... Chuck Carlberg, executive director of the NorthShore Inline Marathon, talks about America's best inline racing event. It's still going strong after nine years. Carlberg expects more than 4,000 to participate in the 2004 race. Here's what he says you can expect.

How to Create Your Own Inline Marathon - Want to create a new event. Read Grow Inline Speed's guide. Included are sections on how to select racecourses, how to advertise, how to keep track of the order of finish, and what kind of prizes to give. ... In fact, anyone who might skate a marathon would likely appreciate this guide. It provides a great behind-the-scenes look at road racing.(Go to How to Start an Outdoor Race)


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