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Skate Maintenance:

How to Keep Your Inline Skates Rolling

Inline skates cover a lot of ground for you. Once in a while, you have to do something for them. ... Like rotate the wheels, clean the bearings, tighten the screws. ... Keep your skates rolling! Here's how:

Prepare Your Bearings for the Rain - FunSkater has posted a comprehensive guide to the care and maintenance of rain bearings (bearings that get used in the rain). He provides an overview of all the standard methods. He also let's us in on his secret: CRC Brake Caliper Slide grease. It's what he uses these days to lube his rain bearings -- and apparently it works great. (Read his report here!) (July 8, 2005)

Interview with the Pleasure Tool Man ... Everything you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask, about taking care of your skate bearings.

Basic Skate, Wheel and Bearing Maintenance ... The International Inline Skating Association's guide to basic skate, wheel and bearing maintenance.

Taking Care of Your Bearings ... Pleasure Tool's (No, they don't make sex toys!) excellent guide to bearing care, with BIG CLEAR PHOTOS.

Blow Dry Those Too Tight Wheel Hubs - Have you ever struggled trying to get a bearing into a wheel hub? Try blow drying the hub for a few minutes. According to this post on Ask About Skating, heating the hub expands it, making it easy to insert the bearing. ... Hmm. I'll have to try that some time! (January 24, 2005)

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