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Advanced Skills for Inline Skaters
Inline Planet's guide to taking your skating to the next level:

The Beginner's Guide to Outdoor Racing
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Finally — a comprehensive guide to inline marathoning and outdoor racing! We've got a2a champ Kim Perkins to thank for it. She put together a 5-part guide that covers all the basics, including what race category to enter, how to skate in a paceline, how to prepare for a race — and even how to turn pro. (Go to the Beginner's Guide)

Marathon Training for Advanced Skaters
Are you ready to take your skating to the next level? Then read Barry Publow's advanced guide to marathon training. In the first installment, the Canadian skate coach and author explains why it's a mistake for skaters to train the way runners do. (Go to the Planet story.) (March 10, 2006)

10 Ways to Avoid Getting Hit by Cars
Of course, you could just stay home. But that's no fun. So here's a guide to how to skate in the street safely. It's adapted from Michael Bluejay's excellent guide for bicyclists. Among the topics are where to position yourself at stop lights, how to pass slow moving cars and how to make it more likely that drivers will see you. ... Study it! The best piece of safety gear is a well-tended mind. (Go to the guide.) (Jan. 18, 2006)

Intermediate Skills ... Inline author Liz Miller's tutorials and advice for intermediate skaters. Included are pointers on parallel turns and striding..

The Science of Endurance Training ... Are you one of those skaters who doubts you have what it takes to sustain a decent pace for, let's say, the length of a marathon? ... Well, maybe you're not giving yourself a chance! Check out the MAPP website. It's a great guide to developing endurance. And be sure to read the section on Norwegian cross-country skiers. You might just discover your inner champion there!


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