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(March 26, 2006)
Cheryl Ezzell Returns to Win the Road Rash
Cheryl Ezzell thumbnailHall of Famer Cheryl Ezzell emerged from retirement today to win the women's division of the Texas Road Rash inline marathon. Among the men, Adam Miller was the winner for the second year in a row. After the race, Cheryl told the Planet about her return to racing. (Go to the Planet story and results.) (March 26, 2006)

(March 27, 2006)
Photos of the Texas Road Rash
Bont's Debbie Rice sent us a few photos from Sunday's Road Rash in Round Rock, Texas. We especially liked the one of former World Champion Cheryl Ezzell standing amid the pro men at the starting line. There's something classic about it, although we haven't been able to quite put our finger on it. (Go to photos.)

Skate Bytes ...
Olympic gold medalists Joey Cheek and Derek Parra will "attend" (in other words, we don't know if they will be skating) this weekend's Walt Disney World Inline Marathon in Florida. The former inliners will be joined by Olympic teammate Charles Ryan Leveille. (Go to more info.)

(March 28, 2006)
Skaters Honor Unsung Champ of Long Beach
thumbnail of peggy girgentiPeggy Girgenti won the master women's division of the Long Beach Inline Marathon for the sixth straight year last fall. So what did she get for it? ... Well, nothing ... at least until Saturday when her skate buddies decided to take matters into their own hands. (Go to the Planet story.)

Skate Bytes ...
What exactly will the three Olympians be doing at this weekend's Disney Inline Marathon in Florida? Here's what the Mouse told us: "Ryan Leveille is competing; Joey Cheek and Derek Parra will be part of the ceremonies ... signing autographs, etc." (Go to more info.) ... Inline skating will be part of this year's Senior Games at The Village in Florida. The event (May 18-27) is for athletes 50 and over. (Go to Spring Event Calendar.) ... One of the next big tests of the U.S. racing season is the Hyper-Tampa Classic Invitational (April 14-16) in Florida. The event includes both indoor and outdoor racing. (Go to Spring Event Calendar.)

(March 29, 2006)
More Darlene Prois Road Rash Photos!
That brilliant chronicler of the U.S. skate scene is back at it again. (Thank heavens!) Over the weekend, Darlene Prois focused her camera on the action at the Texas Road Rash. The results, as usual, are stunning! (Go to 1st set of photos. Go to 2nd second set. ... Be sure to view the large photos to get the full effect. ... We'll be posting the last set as soon as it's ready.)

Skate Bytes ...
London police are giving up their experiment with rollerblading park patrols. The reason: Bobbies on blades can't effectively chase crooks on the grass. (Go to 24dash story.) ... There's good news for skaters in Dayton, Tenn. The city is building a .9-mile "multipurpose walking, biking and rollerblade track" around its Delaware Avenue Recreation Center. Paving should be complete in two weeks. (Go to more info.) ... The Hermantown Inline half marathon is set for July 15th. The event in northeastern Minnesota cuts off registration after the first 200 skaters. (Go to bursting Summer Event Calendar.)

(March 30, 2006)
Even More Darlene Prois Photos!
We finally finished posting all of the Darlene Prois photos of the Texas Road Rash. The final photos reveal the skaters crossing the finish line. Be sure to look at the large photos: they're stunning. (Go to the final set or start from the beginning.)

Skate Bytes ...
Junior world champion Brittany Bowe has been selected by her local paper as Athlete of the Year — but not because she's one of the world's fastest females on wheels; rather, because she led her high school basketball team to back to back championships. So what does the future hold for this talented 18 year old: the Olympics or the WNBA? (Go to Ocala story.) ... Disney is now saying that Olympians Joey Cheek and Derek Parra will serve as official starters for Sunday's Disney Inline Marathon. (Go to more info.) ... The Silver Strand Half Marathon is set for Nov. 19th. The late-season race skirts the San Diego coastline from Coronado to Imperial Beach. (Go to Fall Event Calendar.)

(March 31, 2006)
Rolling Out Asthma!
Don't let asthma keep you off your skates. In fact, if you've got the condition, inline skating may be just what the doctor ordered — at least according to today's health advisory from the CDC. The advisory urges asthma suffers to stay active and recommends inline skating as one of five "asthma friendly activities." (Go to health advisory.)

Skate Bytes ...
Tim Monroe was honored Thursday for his 25-year skate tour of the streets of Oakland, Calif. The city council passed a resolution praising Monroe's "unique and extraordinary physical accomplishment." It also commended him "for his obvious appreciation and affection for all of Oakland's many streets, neighborhoods and communities," although not its gnarly dogs. (Go to the resolution.)

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