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(April 2, 2006)
Mantia, Bowe Rule the Mouse!
The young World Team stars Joey Mantia and Brittany Bowe scored victories today in what turned out to be the smallest, though perhaps the happiest, Disney World Inline Marathon. (Go to the Planet story and results.)

(April 3, 2006)
'Skatin' With the Big Girls'
Florida phenom Brittany Bowe talks about her win in yesterday's Disney World Inline Marathon in this post-race interview with the Planet. The World Team star also discusses her plans for the 2006 season and her preference for 100mm wheels. (Go to the Planet podcast.)

We're Back!
We apologize if you haven't been able to visit the Inline Planet today. We have been experiencing scattered service problems as a result of a new IP address. If you continue to have problems, it might help to clear the cache of your browser or perhaps update your bookmarks, although the problem is really on our end.

(April 4, 2006)
Trail Accident Stalls Blade Across America
Blade Across America's Michael Sandler was taking an easy skate Sunday when he fell trying to avoid an errant toddler. He says it all happened so fast, there was nothing he could do. (Go to the Planet story.)

Skate Bytes ...
Is there an Inline Planet of the Apes? Apparently, so. Check out this video of the skating chimp at DailyHaha. (Go to video.) ... The Great Race (May 28-29) in Elkhart, Ind., will include two inline races this year: a 10K criterium in downtown Elkhart and the Amish Country Half Marathon. (Go to Spring Event Calendar.) ... The Tahiti Aito Inline Challenge has earned the distinction of being the first event listed in our 2007 Event Calendar. It's Feb 22-24 in French Polynesia. Start saving your pennies! (Go to nascent 2007 Event Calendar.)

(April 5, 2006)
Reebok To Pump Up Skate Market
Shoe maker Reebok is planning a line of recreational and fitness skates, according to an industry source. The company has shown prototypes of the new skates to retailers. Making rec skates should not be a big stretch for Reebok: it already has a line of hockey skates. Its move into the inline market coincides with its acquisition by Adidas, which recently sold off skate maker Salomon. (Go to more Industry News.)

Skate Bytes ...
The United Skate Schools Group's 2006 Instructor Education Conference is set for Aug. 26th in Seattle. (Go to Summer Event Calendar.)

(April 6, 2006)
Climbing Those Hills ... One Lung or Two
thumbnail of Kathy McSparranPlanet columnist Kathy McSparran explains how anyone — even an asthma sufferer — can learn to surmount hills on skates. In the process, she tells the story of the lung cancer survivor she helped scale the hills at the Disney Inline Marathon. ... It's a great read! (Go to Kathy's column.)

Skate Bytes ...
Got some time to kill? Check out Rollerblade's new online video game. It comes in aggressive, speed, fitness and kids versions. (Go to game site.) ... The Pacific Coastline Century in Southern California has a new date: June 24th. The 100-mile skate-bike tour was moved back a week to accommodate skaters who are headed to the Napa Valley inline Marathon (June 18th). (Go to Summer Event Calendar.)

(April 7, 2006)
Interval Training for Marathon Skaters
Interval training is one of the best ways to prepare for the hurry-up slow-down dynamics of marathon racing. In this third part of his guide to marathon training, Canadian speed coach Barry Publow outlines a couple of his favorite interval workouts. (Go to the Planet story.)

Making It Happen in City by the Bay
D. Miles Jr. will launch his Healthy Saturdays initiative with a press conference Sunday (2 p.m.) in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. The head of the California Outdoor Rollerskating Association is pushing City Hall to extend the Sunday closure of JFK Drive in the park. ... Sunday will be a busy day for Miles. At 9 a.m., he launches the Northern California outdoor racing season with the Greg Levien 50K in San Mateo. (Go to more info.)

Skate Bytes ...
A 16-year-old former U.S. junior world team member has accepted a 2-year suspension for doping. The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency alleged that the boy used testosterone, the steroid nandrolone and another prohibited hormone. (Go to press release.) ... A little rain is expected Sunday for the first stage of the 2006 World Inline Cup in Seoul, South Korea. Promoters are expecting 8000 skaters. Last year's winners were Powerslide's Sandra Gomez and Rollerblade's Jorge Botero. ... Inline speed and artistic skating will be part of the 2007 Pan American Games. Roller sports have been part of the games since 1979. Next year's event is July 13-27 in Rio de Janeiro. (Go to 2007 Event Calendar.) ... The prestigious Le Trophee des 3 Pistes (Trophy of 3 Tracks) is set for April 15-17 in Southern France. Many of the world's top skaters, including a few from the United States, will be skating the event. (Go to Spring Event Calendar.)

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